Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My dear friend Kisha

I woke up this morning to check my facebook and found this picture posted on my profile...

Now, if you don't know...I have the hugest celebrity crush on Joel McHale (from the Soup and Community). Kisha over at In through the out door, her crush is McDreamy from Grey's. These would our, lets say, top on our "laminated list" (yes I am pulling a friends' reference).

So I don't know how the crap Kisha found it...but a picture of our two dream men (keep in mind both of US are married, happily)...together. We can only wish right???


Kisha said...

Ha ha ha ha, that is so great! I actually just saw the pic on Crazy Days and Nights, my fave celeb gossip site, and I was like, OMG-Sara would die! Glad you liked!!!! Loves you!