Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Known Facts...

Just a few tidbits of yours truly....

-I am in fact 26 years old...even though I look 16. I know everyone says to enjoy it...I hate it.

-I am probably the worse housekeeper you will ever meet. I guess I don't care who sees my dust! I also have a tendency to burn food too....which makes me think....

-That I am a little ADD. Simply because I am so distracted. Ask my husband....I am not allowed to watch tv in the morning because I get so distracted. Hence the many projects I have around the house that I have yet to finish.

-I suffer from Depression and Anxiety. God has given me the courage to be able to share with other women, especially mothers, my story. I also had horrible Post Partunm Depression with Kena.

-I really enjoy blogging...and just wish I had a little more time to do it.

-I really wish I was musically my brother.

-I LOVE music. Silence kills me. We always have music going on at the house.

-My true passion is helping others. I was studying sociology when I was in college. I loved it because I enjoy learning about others.

-I prayed when I was pregnant with Kena that she would be a compassionate person.

-I love Jesus and are amazed daily at his grace, love and understanding.

-My church is more than just a church...its family.

-Even though I am not the most girly girl, I do love planning weddings. I thought about doing that as a job, but then realized that I am may not have the most patience....

-I am also an extremely impatient person.