Friday, September 28, 2007

Now Introducing Makena Cross!

Little Makena Ranae Cross!!

The new LARGER Cross Family

Bright eyes! Makena and Mommy!
One Proud Daddy!
Grandma Cindy!
Grandpa Craig
Uncle Tyler
Auntie Melissa, Uncle Dave, Noah and Olivia with Baby Kena!
Grandma Alice and Grandpa Bill
Makena Ranae Cross at about 5 weeks!

At her first Baseball game- Six weeks old
And many more to come!!

Starting a blog...

Hi Friends and Family,

I thought that I should jump on board with techy stuff and do a blog about our little Makena. It might be easier than emailing to catch you all up on Little Miss Makena and the rest of the family. I will try to keep it up dated as long as Makena takes long naps.

Let me do a little catch up on Makena.

She was born August 4th, 11:47pm (the midwife swore that Makena would be born that day) via a long day of laboring, pushing, then a c-section. At birth she was 5 lbs 12 ounces, a little one! As of right now, she is eight weeks (tomorrow) and over 7 lbs and 13 ounces! She is smiling and cooing, like a big girl!!

Mom and dad are doing great! I did really well after the c-section, I chop it up to already having stomach surgery years ago. I was up and walking 12 hours after the surgery! Adam is the most wonderful father of all time. Gosh Makena is so blessed to have a father like him!

She is a very stylish dressed little girl thanks to her Grandma Cindy (mommy has a 'photoshoot' everyday!) and all her clothes fit her nicely thanks to Grandma Alice (Makena is long, but oh so skinny!)

I will hopefully will keep this blog updated with pictures and little stories!

The Cross Family

Adam, Sara and Makena