Sunday, September 28, 2008

Announcing Madison Alexis Young...

Madison Alexis Young - 7lbs 11oz and 20.5 inches long! Rhian and Bryan are doing awesome with their new family member!

Thank you Grand Aunt Pattie!

Makena got a package in the mail from her "grand aunt pattie"-she is really my mom's sister but she likes the word "grand" better. It fits her. Back to the package- it was this adorable little blonde haired girl figure. Aunt Pattie had it for a while in her house and looked at it and thought it would be perfect for little Kena. And boy was she right. Kena LOVES it. We are teaching her its a 'no touch' doll, but she loves pointing at it and looking at it.

Come on...doesn't it look like Kena in a couple of years. And the best part is the little girl is of Kena's favorite things to do.

My sweet little girl

As fall arrives (at least I think its coming) I love to bundle up Kena to play outside. This is one of my favorite consignment shop purchases, the Pink Pea Coat. Its just perfect for her.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Walker!! (???)

Our little Monkey has done it! She is a walker!!! Well, sort of. On Sunday night she was walking between mama and dada. Then she would explore a little more and get curious. Was the video camera, the one we got from my parents for times like theses, charged? Heck no. So we resulted to use the 'video' function on our phones. Which was nice because then we sent it out to all the grandparents, auntie, and uncle.

Monday morning comes around...she wants NOTHING to do with it. Its like it was all a wonderful dream. So now Kena is being stubborn. A surprise? Nope. Frustrating? A bit, because I think people are thinking "yeah right...". Somehow when she try to stand her up, her legs turn into jello. And she has had the most tratums ever in the last two days. It was been a experince to say the least!

Maybe she is like that singing frog....

Other Mothers...

In my attempt to 'save the world' (or at least put a dent into it) we have been buying from consignment shops. I have found one that I love and have found great deals for Kena. "Other Mother's" located in the Sliver Lake area of Everett is a great shop. Her fall coat and winter coat were both there. And the other day I found a pair of 'pedipeds' (the best shoes for babies out there) for 10 bucks (normally 37.00) I don't think they were even used!

At least I am helping with the amount of trash that goes into the landfill. Anyone found some great deals? Let me know!

Thank You the Little Window Shoppe!

I would like to thank The Little Window Shoppe blog for a wonderful background! Her link is to the left, so check out her great blog with lots of great GIVEAWAYS!!! Also, she is a mama like us!


Nope, I didn't forget a 'h' in my title. I wanted to express my excitement for a new snack we have found... the same company who has made the popular "Veggie Booty" and "Pirate's Booty". They are like cheetos, but way better. They don't have cheese, so I can eat with ease. Kena loves it. Dada loves it. Mama can't eat enough. They need to sell it in mass bulk because we love them so much. They are a perfect match of crunchy and salty. YUMMY!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey everyone! I just posted like 15 posts, so click on 'older posts' at the bottom to make sure you are all caught up!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Our 4th Anniversary Weekend Getaway!

Right before dinner at Pallmino's

Our cool city view

On our deck!

Adam welcoming you to our deck!

The 'Heavenly Bed'...I swear thats what they call it!

Good Morning!

We got room service...for FREE! It pays off to mention its your anniversary!

Over the past weekend Adam and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary. Our actual anniversary isn't until the 18th but this weekend worked out the best for us. We dropped Kena off at my parent's house and we went to the Bellevue Westin. It was an amazing weekend. We arrived early on Saturday and spent the better half of the afternoon walking around the mall (without having to stop!). We checked in around 3pm, our room wasn't ready so they upgraded us...for FREE!!! Our room was super sweet with a separate jazuzi tub and shower and our room had a deck! Adam and I got pedi's...yes even Adam! We had a wonderful dinner at our favorite resturant, Palomino's (they just opened one in Bellevue). Then the next morning we ordered room service!!! For Free!!! After a cry from me, since I missed Kena, we watched a little tv and checked out!! It was sooo much fun!

Fun and Silly Kena!

So sweet!

Bath Time!

She is so funny during bath time!

Kena and Her Books...

In the last couple of weeks we have found out that Kena is obsessed with books. That doesn't make much sense since neither of her parents are big readers, but we think its awesome. One night I made a little 'reading area' for her. She sits there and will take out each book, look at it and then grab another one. Once in awhile she will ask us to read to her, but she rather read herself. How fablous is that?

A Daddy's Love

A couple of weeks ago Kena wasn't feeling good and was super cranky. Daddy came home one night with flowers...not for me but for Kena!! I of course got a bottle of wine to share with my hubby at dinner. Adam wanted to show his baby girl that he loves her so much and that she always deserves flowers. I decided since they were her flowers that they will look perfect on her little table by her rocking chair. So cute!! Thank you dada!

A Future Beader?

I got my beads out the other day (its been well over a year), made a pair of earrings and looked at all the beads I forgot I had. Kena was very interesed in what was going on. She enjoyed looking at the beads and all the different colors. G'ma is going to love this...

Look Really Hard...

If you look really will see a curl! After baths she can have curls in her hair. This, of course, makes me super excited since I have hair that can't keep a curl in for the life of me. Its adorable! Maybe one day she will get more hair...we will see.

More Summer Days with Family!

Mommy has a lot of kids there and they are sitting still!!

Cousin Noah!

Cousin Olivia!

Rylan dancing!

Well they weren't going to stay sitting for long...
We were super busy this summer with family. At least once or twice a week Kena would get to play with her Cousin's Noah and Olivia. She just adores her cousins!! It is so fun to see them play together. Early August 2nd Cousin Rylan got to visit and play with the kids. They had a blast.

Welcome to the Family LuLu!

I would like to announce a new addition to the Cutforth Family. My parents (or G'ma and Boppa) have adopted little Lucy Lu-aka LuLu. Pete is excited, just doesn't know how to show it. LuLu is eight weeks yesterday and already eatting petey's food! We are so excited to meet her, we might be making a trip sometime this week. Kena can't wait!!


What on earth? Yes, this is how she sleeps. Every night she cracks us up with the crazy ways she sleeps. I love her jammies that night too, we all know I love cupcakes! I peek on her several times during the night (I know, crazy mom) to see what new ways she has fallen asleep.

Shake your booty Kena!

Something Kena has learned is to Shake her booty. Auntie Melissa taught her this summer and its hilarous when she does it! Now, she has taken it a step further and is shaking her booty when she dances!