Monday, June 30, 2008


Yeah, I am pretty much dying now. Besides the major heat and how our house bakes, I think both Kena and I are sick. Before I went to bed last night I got the worse sinus headache ever. Thinking it would be a good idea to sleep it off, I tossed and turned for a good 2 hours, in the worse pain ever. I tried everything. Took pills, cold washcloth, all different positions. Not so much. I finally fell asleep at 12ish then to wake again at 1:30. I hopped into the shower thinking that the steam would help, not so much. I finally fell asleep about 2:30, then up at 4, then back down and up for good at 5:45. Kena is cranky and I can't seem to make her happy! That makes it so hard because we have had the best past three days! Yesterday we were the only ones at the pool and Kena and I got to go swimming. We had a blast!

Dada comes home today from a camping trip with the high schoolers. Kena sure missed dada, the other night she couldn't sleep, the only thing that helped was kissing dada picture and holding a shirt of his. How sweet is that?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I got to splurg tonight...Adam, while we were out and about, bought me the new David Sedaris book "When You are Engulfed in Flames". His writing isn't for everyone, but leaves me cracking up, he has had a crazy life. You might now his sister, Amy Sedaris the comedian and actress.

So I will getting cozy in my bed, with the cold sheets, a glass of water, and reading my favorite author. Ahhh, what a night!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


We've had a quiet weekend. I am sipping my coffee watching a Saturday movie (Little Black Book in my case) while my baby sleeps and my husband is off working on a deck.

My awesome parents took Makena for Saturday night and returned her this morning before we had to work in the nursery at Church. We had a nice quiet night together where we got to sleep in...8:30 mind you...and ingored the laundry and dishes. Adam and I did really need that over nighter, since Kena has had a hard time teething and waking up alot. She is also having some issues with attachment, rather have mama than anyone else. So it was good for her to be separated from mama and dada for awhile.

I will now tend to those dishes and laundry that I stepped over this weekend. Kena and I will be going to a concert tonight at church after 5pm service! We are pretty excited about that!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

C Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Genealogy project - Vintage photos


I know, isn't she the best!

She *likes*(not loves) her sippy cup. Goodness look at that mess!
Almost too big...

Kena screaming at dada....its so funny to watch!
Kena laughingMonkey kisses
Sitting pretty!
Beans, beans! The first time eatting beans!

Daddy took a picture of Kena...falling asleep on Molly the dolly


The last week has seriously been the hardest week since Kena was born. We read that around 9 months babies start to become more aware of mama and dada, so that if they leave the room they will cry since they know you are right there to return to them. She is also teething, which I swear I have been talking about forever, she is almost there. You can see the white of two of her front teeth. I hate taking her tempature so the way I do it is...put my lips on her forehead and see if its warm. That is normally what I do, I know...its not what a mom should do, but really why make it any worse for her. I am not your conventional mother, what can I say? Kena's exhausted, worn out and is uncomfortable. I want to take all her hurt away. Adam and I have been doing night duty with putting the binky back in or putting her blanket over her. She hasn't been hungry, mainly only wanting bottles. Something always has to be in her mouth so she can chew on something. Anyone have ideas for entertaining a cranky baby? I am up for anything! Now keep in mind mom always has to be around (hense, why I am wearing yoga pants today, I barely get the laundry done).

Its been a hard week it seems everywhere. Its not only the 4.00 a gallon for gas. Its a lot more than that. Our close friends are going through a lot. And as my sisters and brothers in Christ, I want to help them anyway we can. What it boils down is money, but the devil is sneaky and trying to attack our marriages and relationships. What can we do? Pray, well of course. Support, I think that would help also. I think being there for our friends that are going through that helps alot. I am not even sure what to say about this right now, it hurts me to see my dear friends marriages and families affected by something that doesn't even matter. What can we do?

On a side note...anyone have good ideas on penny pinching? What do you do to save a little? Or a lot?


Father's day we had a beautiful day in the northwest. Kena invited Dada, G'pa, G'ma, Uncle Tyler and Uncle Petey to the park! I made a picnic lunch, which included turkey sandwiches that I made. Kena loved watching Petey run around and enjoyed riding in her new 'wagon' which might be one of the best garage sale finds ever!

Baby Feet
We are going to the park!
G'ma look at my shoes!

Kena and petey!

dada and Kena!
Look, Kena can stand on her own!!
Kind of!
On the way home Kena fell asleep in her wagon!

Monday, June 16, 2008


scroll through the pictures...there is a blog!Dada and Kena at U.Village
"Daddy says I am beautiful"
First snow at our house!

Leavenworth Trip in January
To the Park!
Seattle Waterfront
Merry Christmas!
How cute is that???
Welcome to the world Makena Ranae Cross!!!

Daddy reading a book before bed.
This happens a lot at our house.
Makena is not only lucky, she is blessed to have Adam as a father. And I as well is completely bless to have him as a Husband and a partner in raising Kena. Its not only does he take her out on walks to give 'mommy a break', although I do love that. Its when he plays with her on the floor, or throws her in the air and you can hear her laugh from miles away. Watching him play 'stinky feet' with Kena, which when mama does it just isn't the same.

One of my favorite memoires of 'just becoming parents' is when Adam was driving his girls home from the hospital. We only got two blocks before he pulled over and made sure the car was working ok (and we didn't have a flat tire). The car was fine, the tire full of air and more important...Kena was a asleep in her carseat.

Just the way Adam carries Kena, he is one proud dada. He doesn't mind changing diapers. He doesn't mind cleaning up baby spit. He will pick out (and he does really enjoy) Kena's outfit for the day. And of course, its normally a dress and most likely is pink. I love hearing them 'chat' when she takes a bath. Seeing which one of them can scream louder than the other. If Kena is having a hard night, he will be the one who will rock her to sleep, or even cuddle with her on the couch and 'let her' fall asleep on him.

While Adam is at work, he is on Instant Messanger. After Kena's afternoon nap, he will put on the video feature and let Kena watch him while he works. He will sneak in a wave or a kiss once in a while also. Now, after her nap, if I can the computer screen up she will get excited say 'dada' and will wait for dada to pop up on the screen.

Its Adam taking a second job (working one nights) so that I can stay home during these important days of Kena's life.

Its the way Kena lights up when she sees her daddy first thing in the morning.
I know, Kena has no doubt in her heart that she more than loved by her 'dada'.
God has blessed us.
Thank you Adam/dada for all that you do. We love you more than anything.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


So if you happen to see a 4'11'' young woman and a 6'1'' young man walking Mill Creek looking like zombies with a smiling child that would be us. We have had such a hard couple of last days. It all started on Wenesday. I took Kena to work with me, which is normally fine. Well, she didn't take a nap so when we came home around 12:30, she was a mess. Come to find out when is teething! Also, that night I had the school's graduation and Adam had a Fisheries Dinner so Kena was with me for the night. Did she do well? She did fine. Thursday is our loooong day with Adam working nights. Kena was....well....what I like to call a 'hot mess'. Nothing made her happy, she didn't want to eat, but always had to have something chewing in her mouth! Ugh. She didn't sleep well at all. She would wake up, moaning, we would check on her and she was still asleep. She just wasn't feeling good. I feel horrible for her I just don't know what to do! We were so exhausted last night Adam and I went to bed at 8:30, wimpy huh? That didn't help because Kena woke up so much being uncomfortable.

So I sit here, waiting for my starbucks, barely keeping my eye open, with a smiling laughing child playing on the floor. How she does it, I will never know. But I think today I am going to nap when she naps.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I wanted to welcome Lucy Joy Ford to the world. Kristin and Mike had their little baby last night at 8:50pm. She is 7lbs 11oz and 21inches long! Both baby and mama are doing great. Thanks to Mandy Stocker and Suzeann Everroad for all the updates last night.

Kena, I am sure, wants to meet her new friend Lucy Joy, however she is teething. It almost feels like she is always teething, but her gums are swollen and she is super cranky. So we have to watch out because everything, EVERYTHING she will put in her mouth to chew. Today will be catching up on her sleep and mom catching up on house junk. Tonight is also Adam's long night (he works tonight) so we will have a quiet night!

I do have to tell you this, Kena LOVES and I mean LOVES books! Our family room floor is normally covered in boardbooks that Kena has taken out of her bin. I used to hold all her books in my Longerberger 'Library' basket and it was really cute. But now, she takes her books out I had to put it in a bin so she doesn't break my basket! My mom bought Kena, before she was born, these FABULOUS art books. They are boardbooks that have different arists pictures and a story to go with it, they are truly my favorite!