Monday, June 16, 2008


scroll through the pictures...there is a blog!Dada and Kena at U.Village
"Daddy says I am beautiful"
First snow at our house!

Leavenworth Trip in January
To the Park!
Seattle Waterfront
Merry Christmas!
How cute is that???
Welcome to the world Makena Ranae Cross!!!

Daddy reading a book before bed.
This happens a lot at our house.
Makena is not only lucky, she is blessed to have Adam as a father. And I as well is completely bless to have him as a Husband and a partner in raising Kena. Its not only does he take her out on walks to give 'mommy a break', although I do love that. Its when he plays with her on the floor, or throws her in the air and you can hear her laugh from miles away. Watching him play 'stinky feet' with Kena, which when mama does it just isn't the same.

One of my favorite memoires of 'just becoming parents' is when Adam was driving his girls home from the hospital. We only got two blocks before he pulled over and made sure the car was working ok (and we didn't have a flat tire). The car was fine, the tire full of air and more important...Kena was a asleep in her carseat.

Just the way Adam carries Kena, he is one proud dada. He doesn't mind changing diapers. He doesn't mind cleaning up baby spit. He will pick out (and he does really enjoy) Kena's outfit for the day. And of course, its normally a dress and most likely is pink. I love hearing them 'chat' when she takes a bath. Seeing which one of them can scream louder than the other. If Kena is having a hard night, he will be the one who will rock her to sleep, or even cuddle with her on the couch and 'let her' fall asleep on him.

While Adam is at work, he is on Instant Messanger. After Kena's afternoon nap, he will put on the video feature and let Kena watch him while he works. He will sneak in a wave or a kiss once in a while also. Now, after her nap, if I can the computer screen up she will get excited say 'dada' and will wait for dada to pop up on the screen.

Its Adam taking a second job (working one nights) so that I can stay home during these important days of Kena's life.

Its the way Kena lights up when she sees her daddy first thing in the morning.
I know, Kena has no doubt in her heart that she more than loved by her 'dada'.
God has blessed us.
Thank you Adam/dada for all that you do. We love you more than anything.


Katie said...

What a sweet tribute to a great papa :)