Thursday, June 19, 2008


The last week has seriously been the hardest week since Kena was born. We read that around 9 months babies start to become more aware of mama and dada, so that if they leave the room they will cry since they know you are right there to return to them. She is also teething, which I swear I have been talking about forever, she is almost there. You can see the white of two of her front teeth. I hate taking her tempature so the way I do it is...put my lips on her forehead and see if its warm. That is normally what I do, I know...its not what a mom should do, but really why make it any worse for her. I am not your conventional mother, what can I say? Kena's exhausted, worn out and is uncomfortable. I want to take all her hurt away. Adam and I have been doing night duty with putting the binky back in or putting her blanket over her. She hasn't been hungry, mainly only wanting bottles. Something always has to be in her mouth so she can chew on something. Anyone have ideas for entertaining a cranky baby? I am up for anything! Now keep in mind mom always has to be around (hense, why I am wearing yoga pants today, I barely get the laundry done).

Its been a hard week it seems everywhere. Its not only the 4.00 a gallon for gas. Its a lot more than that. Our close friends are going through a lot. And as my sisters and brothers in Christ, I want to help them anyway we can. What it boils down is money, but the devil is sneaky and trying to attack our marriages and relationships. What can we do? Pray, well of course. Support, I think that would help also. I think being there for our friends that are going through that helps alot. I am not even sure what to say about this right now, it hurts me to see my dear friends marriages and families affected by something that doesn't even matter. What can we do?

On a side note...anyone have good ideas on penny pinching? What do you do to save a little? Or a lot?


Nivekic said...

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