Saturday, October 27, 2007

Makena's Room

I was thinking the other day, there are some of you who haven't seen Makena's bedroom (I don't really like to call it a nursery). I worked really hard at it for a couple of months before she arrived. Adam and I are pretty modern people, so her room is modern. We didn't like most of the girly bedding out there, but we feel her bedding is perfect! So here is a tour of her bedroom!

Does she have a lot of shoes or what??

I am pretty proud of myself, I kind of wish I was a designer.

Friday, October 26, 2007

When Mommy is away...

I come home from my small group one night and find this on my couch. Makena is one lucky little girl to have a daddy like that!

A Crisp Fall Day...

Makena had her first day at the park this week. If you don't live in the northwest, we are having beautiful sunny weather of course that is 50 degrees outside. On Tuesday we had 70 degree weather! Makena LOVED looking at the trees and scrubs at the park.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting so big!

Well, what a busy week! After I wrote that Makena takes shots 'like a pro' she decided to have a screamfest that lasted the rest of the day. The whole day was spent either on mommy sleeping or daddy sleeping. Wasn't interested in eatting or playing. And if you know me, I am crazy about my scheduling with Makena and that was thrown out the window for the day. Luckily she woke up the next morning like nothing happened, now thats our girl.

Adam celebrated his 27th (yes 27!) birthday on Wednesday! We had a blast! Makena bought daddy some new clothes for his new job (to keep in warm while doing inspections at the plant, while still looking professional). Adam and I got to enjoy PF Chang's, children free, with Melissa and Dave. It was so nice to get out and realize "oh yeah, what DID we do before Makena?". It was a windy night (which I love!) which made the restaurant sort of busy.

Nursing Makena has been a hard task lately and we think it was the daily cup (or two) of coffee in the morning. Now thats hard to give up! So, I have resorted to hot chocolate and tea during these cold days.

Auntie Melissa was playing with Makena the other day and said she doesn't coo, she sounds like chewubaca (spelling?) from star wars. She couldn't be more correct. Our little Kena makes more of a chewy sound then the cute coos. Maybe I can post video of it?

Best be going!


Friday, October 19, 2007

New Makena Pictures!

Bunny Slippers!
Mommy and Makena at a Halloween Party!
Look, I am already driving!

Makena in her Bumbo Chair, sitting up like a big girl!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Being "New Parents"...its a hard job!

Makena is offically 10 weeks and 2 days old. Adam and both are figuring out that being parents is not an easy job! We are very blessed to have Makena sleeping between the hours of 10 pm- 4ish am, feed then back down until 7:30ish. You would think that is enough sleep for one person, its not. Trying to catch up from the last 10 weeks is hard!

Today she had her two month check up! She is getting bigger, but not as big as we thought. She is now 8 lbs 6 ounces and 22 inches long! Dr. Suzuki said she is getting bigger, but just remember what she was born at, it will take awhile to 'catch up'. I like to tell Adam that she might be a midget. She had four shots today and she took it like a pro! I was so proud of her. Daddy had to comfort her as I turnned my head, its just too much for a mommy to watch. So the rest of the day will be spent spoilling her and relaxing.

We had Pete stay with us earlier last week. He has been at my parents house since Makena was born. Adam and I didn't know about having him back so we had a 'trial run' with him last week. He did great with Kena, but we decided that he needed more attention then we were able to give. So we are proud to say that Grandpa Craig and Grandma Cindy are the new owners of Petey, the wonder dog! We will have Kena visit Petey often as he is still important to us and Petey did love Kena. While she was napping he would want to check on her! It was VERY cute, but hard to do when I, myself, was trying to get things done around the house. We love Petey so much but I think he will do so much better at the Grandparents house.

Yesterday Adam started his new job at Nova Fisheries. He is spending this week getting to know the 'ropes' and also buying a new camera (which is WAAAAY better than our digtal!), computer and 'work truck'. God has put some amazing people in our life and this job will be great for Adam!

Well baby Kena is crying, feeding time!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Updated Pictures...

Here are some new pictures!How could you not fall in love with that face!
Daddy reading a good night story.

"I am up to no good in my swing! Hehe!"
Four generations of women; Great Grandma Matheson, Grandma Cindy, Mommy and Makena
"I love Grandmas!"
Cousin Olivia and Baby Kena (that is what Noah calls her)

I think Makena looks like daddy in this picture (except for the dress)

What a special day!

Yesterday, October 1st, Makena had a very special day. My Grandparents Matheson, Makena's Great Grandparents had a stop over on a cruise they were on and it happened to be in Seattle! They had about 6 hours or so to leave the ship and do what they please, so they came to visit us. We had a great salmon dinner, thanks to Adam, and her Great Grandpa and Grandma got to enjoy little Makena. We also had my cousin Jesse and his son Ethan over. Of course Grandma Cindy was there too making sure Makena was being held at all times possible. Makena behaved great and really enjoyed 'studying' Great Grandma Matheson's face. She was super cute in a little dress with pants under (daddy always make sure that she isn't too girly). The dress didn't last long after they left, she totally had a blow-out so we are lucky it lasted that long.

On the night of September 30th, Makena slept from 10:30pm til 5:30 am! All the next day we were basking in the well restedness...neatless to say, I jinxed it. Last night she was up at 3:30 then at 7:00, so long rested nights.

Makena has also found her fists, which is so funny to watch. We will be sitting there hearing a 'sucking' noice "what the heck is that??" oh that is kena sucking on her fists and drolling all over. She has also began to 'track' mom and dad when walking accross the room. It's so amazing how fast they grow up!

I will post pictures on a separate blog.

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