Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Week in Rage...

...some of you might not know whats that from. I will explain later.

Among being a blog for kena, this is also a blog for me. A mom, a wife, a lady. So of course I have many of opinions. There is a lot I will bite my tongue about, but some things, well I just want to talk about. Then see if you feel the same way.

---To include you in my title. EVERY morning I would wake up, start my coffee, pop in a waffle for M and turn on 107.7. Every morning I would listen to Adam Corolla with Theresa. Yes, I know its not the local 'Christian' station, but I am a grumpy person when I wake up in the morning, so I don't want to hear 'chipper'. Adam, Theresa and Bald Brian would have celebrity guests daily. On Friday they would have my sweetheart...Joel McHale from the Soup. It was good, funny, yes inapporate talk radio. Come to find out, talk radio is going down the tubes. Or at least off the air. Wednesday started rumors that the Adam Corolla show was being cancled (they are from a LA station). Come Friday, they were saying there 'good byes' as the station decided to pull all there talk radio and only play music. Although Adam and the crew just received major bonuses at the end of the year, the station decided to lay them all off to play music. HOW SAD??? What on earth am I going to do? "this week in rage" was a segement on his show where listeners would call in, give a random topic and Adam would rage on funny.

---Second...these STUPID converter boxes. Yes I might have 20 more channels, but I can't get them all at the same time. Right now I can't get channel 7 so no 'Amazing Race' tonight. However if I turn the dial, stand on my head, kena sits on the left side of the couch and Adam stays in the kitchen...we might be able to get the 'Christian' channels (Praise the Lord?? Really?? Purple hair???). I much rather have fuzzy channels that the digtal cut in and out. Its really annoying. And of course Adam will say, "we haven't given it a chance. Let me mess with the dials and find the right channel and they will all work." Guess what? I don't have patience for that, especially when it comes to my tv. Yes, I am sure I will like it in due time.

---OctoMom. It is wrong on so many levels, refering to the mom who just recently had octuplets. I consider myself fairly open minded, but this seems out of hand. I don't mind my tax money going to single moms/single dads/families with hardships. But when a mom, pays for IVF and gets pregnant with 8 kids (when she already has 6 kids) is just immature. And yes, I check and the gossip magazines. I have seen in the last couple of days pictures of her "getting her nails done", "shopping at nordstroms", and running away from the paps saying "I am NOT a celebrity"..while smiling and laughing. I can't afford getting my nails done and I only have one kid. I rather spend that money on my child/home/family then getting my nails done. Yes I am sure she needs time away-but buying make up at Nordstroms? I don't even wear make up! I think I would have been a little more, understanding, if the mom decided to stay underwraps and not come out. I feel horrible for these kids, because if they are taken by the state (adam told me that there is a lawyer out there trying to get the kids out) then they will likely be spilt up. How is one family going to take 8 babies? Or, 14 for that matter. And now I hear that she is trying to get the hospital to pay for all expensives while they stay there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? My family had insurance and we are STILL paying for Kena's birth. I am sorry, thats not fair. Maybe half is fair, but not all. I am sorry, I digress.

---one good!!! I had a super cranky M, so I looked up 'elmo' on hulu and found tons of celebrity guest spots with elmo! She had a great time saying "on more, on more" shaking her pointer finger. She was happy and I was happy because she was cuddling on my lap.

---Another good thing, I have the most wonderfully, beautifully, kind family ever. Adam has such a huge heart which is filled with understanding. M is showing us that she compassion, independance and brains. Her heart is filled with kindness and joy, beyond what I have seen before. She WANTS to make you laugh, which spend 5 minutes with her and you will be laughing. I am seeing our parenting paying off.

Ok, I am done. At least for now. Totally kidding.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sweet Kena.

I love the way Kena looks right after she wakes up. Skin-perfect,eyes-perfect,little mouth-perfect. And she even wants to cuddle with mama.

I just loved this sweet picture of Makena.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moody Bands...

Adam has a high school friend that he recently connected with via facebook. Naif Farris now is a writer for children's books about emotions. Naif posted that he just finished a new book, about bullies, and posted the 'video' on his facebook page. Adam right then told me to log in and check it. And let me tell you, it was awesome! I am always looking for new books and new authors. I fell in love with how Naif explained 'bullying' on the playground (Byron the Bear and the Bully). Then Adam directed me to Naif's website, Moody Bands. What a WONDERFUL idea! These bands have six emotions, my favorite is excited, on these trendy arm bands. We are thinking about ordering them and putting them away for when Kena is older. What a great way to 'talk' about your feelings, especially when your child can 'start the conversation' by wearing one of these bands. Also, Naif talks about wearing these bands to show that we are all alike! I LOVE IT! Here you can read about Naif and his passion about children!

For 12.99 you can get a pack of 6! Click on this link to go to the store.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Handsome Noah

Sweet Olivia

A Warm Hat.

I love chilly, sunny days. Even more I love taking pictures of Kena bundled up with the sun shining behind her.

Kena's Favorite Song...

I have RAVED about Kimya Dawson's CD Alphabutt. Yes, they talk about turds, butts, doo doo, and peeing. But seriously this is kena's favorite song. Really the whole CD is creative and sweet. Mama's Favorite song is "I love you sweet baby" which goes

"..first thing on our list to do is to wake up right next to you. the second thing that we have planned is to kiss both of your hands. third thing that we will do today is look you in the eye and say "I love you sweet baby, I love you sweet baby, I love you more than anything." It goes on to talk about the 'goings' of there day...but no matter...I love you sweet baby more than anything.

So, really if you don't want your kids to repeat the words fart, butts, and doo doo...maybe save this one till later. Kimya is a...a little different...also when they talk about panda..thats the name of her daughter. The video is live and I am guessing in a coffee house or something like that. The kid version has more music to it, but I couldn't find it anywhere on youtube..."> name="allowFullScreen" value="true">

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Little Travelers Giveaway

One of my favorite blogs to follow, "The Little Window Shoppe" is having a wonderful giveaway! As you might know, I love introducing Kena to all cultures/traditions and Emily over at the Shoppe is giving away two items from The Little Travelers website. You follow kiddos and there mama's as they learn from amazing adventures all over the world!

Emily is giving away a 'dress up' set and a 'dvd' to go along with. The dress up outfits are not your normal run of the mill outfits. They are made with beautiful silk and have so much character, unlike the disney ones. I love the princess one for Kena. So click over at the Little Window Shoppe for your chance to win!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Good Old Days...

So Kena and I ventured out yesterday to enjoy the beautiful sun at our local park. Kena was dressed adorably, of course, and I toted my Digtal SLR along with me (right now I am sort of attached at the hip to it).

Now, I thought...way back when...the good old days...that you would go to the park and meet new friends. As in"How old is your little girl?" "Oh mine is just a month younger!" "Oh, her name is Makena, whats her name?" "Isn't this a great park?". I have a passion for kids and their mamas, so I am always up to meet new moms! Well, apparently things have changed. I tried so hard to strike up a conversation with one mom who's child was almost two. Asking her questions...nothing back. Didn't even ask about Makena, which frankly, is just manners. Even if you don't care you still ask. So Kena found another friend, a little boy. They played, but his mom came over and 'redirected' him to play with another friend (a friend that they came with). This little boy adored Kena and they were having a great time. No moms talked to me or even whats worse, even showed interest. I thought you went to the park to meet new friends? Or am I on something?

I have always ran into a problem that "I look too young". Yes I KNOW I will love it when I am older, but right now I am rarely taken serious as a mom. I am sorry, once you are a mom you are ALL on the same playing field regardless of the mom's age. Yes, I don't dress fancy or wear make up. Why? Because I rather have a couple more minutes of sleep. If I were to look 'nice' or wear make up I might look older, but I just don't care. I also get the "oooh got knocked up at the prom" look. This is the best when I am with my 28 year old husband and we get that look. Mainly by older ladies some times other moms. At work there are still some moms that I feel don't 'trust me', yes I might look like your babysitter, but I have been working with kids for a long time and I am also a mother. I know a few things about kids...good and bad.
So frustrated, I let Kena just walk around (which the let me think more). I didn't want a new hang out buddy. Maybe someone I get ideas from...maybe another facebook mom. Another someone out there that knows what I am going through, because they are going through it right now! Kena then through a fit and I decided I was hungry and deserved McDonalds. I vented to Adam when I got home (threw a bit of a pitty party) and put Kena to bed.

Don't get me wrong...I ADORE my mom friends (whitney, nette, melissa, maegan, suzi, leia, anna, kristin, rhian, devon to just name a few), but I am always up for Kena meeting new kids. And for me to reach out, its also a great ministry I have found out.
Anyhoo, I got home, debrief and this is day two of my debriefing. I feel a bit better now.

After that I decided to put in my picture card to see what awesome pictures I got in the beautiful sun. Nothing. You have got to be kidding me. Yes really nothing good.. bummers. The only 'great' ones where taking in my backyard when I got home. Go figure.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A curl?

Do you see it? Because we do!

A sunny day in Feb?

says it all, doesn't it?


These were taken yesterday, notice the jam jams (jammies) with 'fancy shoes'. Come on you have to feel a little fancy when you are sick. Look for all the bubbles, I am hoping they turn out on the webpage, because its pretty cool.

I never thought I would do this...

So I was shopping at the grocery store yesterday, if I looked stressed it was because I was. I just found out Kena has a double ear infection and pink eye and had a sick hubby at home. I remember at some point that morning, Crap I forgot to eat breakfast! So add to stressed out...cranky. I decided to go down the 'dreaded' cracker aisle. I say dreaded because if you know me at all...crackers are my weakness. As I went to grab the saltines for Adam...ooooh 10 for 10 individually boxed animal crackers and ritz crackers. Perfect for Kena, oh yeah and Kena was with me. As I dumped the crackers into my cart Kena saw the beautifully red classic animal cracker box. I gave her the box thinking "well all she wants to do is play with the box". WRONG! She screamed/cried then proceeded to 'try' to open the box. I said 'no kena, we need to pay for it'. As I was saying this she started to scream/cry louder, which then she started to cough...because she is sick. So here it is mamas...

I opened a unpaid for box of animal crackers to let my child eat them as I shopped.

I have never done that in my life. Never did it growing up, never did it as an adult. Now, of course I did pay for it. As I paid for it I told her the sad story of "she has a double ear infection and pink eye". Yeah that will make you look like a cool mom.

There you go...add that to my list of "things I thought I would never do as a mom"...add to that I let her watch tv too. Seriously, some one arrest me!

(*thanks google images for the pic)

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Night With the Girls...

Last Friday night I had the pleasure of hanging out with some fanastic moms! Nette Parks, Whitney Price, Leia Sejac, and Devon Vibbert all joined me at my house (Nette hosted!) for some chatting and eatting!

We shared many stories, recipes, and creative ideas! I do have to share one website that Leia passed on to me: Ruby Slipper Guide! If you live in or near the eastside (or want to take a day trip) this is a great site that had fun activties and ideas for the day. Lots of fun tidbits and the site is ran by moms! Some things are free, some costs, but all are fun ideas!

Refuse to Say Cheese....

As many of you know, I love photography. I love taking pictures and also seeing others pictures. I have come to adore this idea "Refuse to Say Cheese" by Me Ra Koh. She is a local photographer...who has now gotten to the big time. She has a dvd set (if you have the money or the time seems like a great idea), which explains her 'say no to cheese' theory. Click on this link to see a bit of video of Me Ra, its short but you get the idea. I adore/love/admire candids. About 90% of my wedding photos were candids and have decided to take that appoarch with Kena's photos. After getting the best birthday gift ever from my hubby, a Nikon d40 digtal SLR, I started to explore taking photos. I have never been a big fan of 'posed pictures', some are and thats great. For me, I love to capture and remember those little moments. Like in my last post, I realized I took a bunch of pictures of her feet...not touching the ground on her trike. I guess I really want to remember that, because before you know it they are on their way to preschool! I love feet, their little shoes, all their clothes, the toys tossed about the house. Yes, in some of my pictures (ok, many of my pictures) the house is a mess. I claim to NOT be a house keeper, just not one of my things. I let Kena go like a huricane in my house and clean up at the end of the day. So if my table is covered with stuff...oh well! I love taking pictures of the mess of paint Kena makes. Seriously how adorable is that?

I actually was interviewed for an online catalog about photography! Babiestoday page 3 or 4, I can't remember. Here is the picture I was talking about:

Well, I hope I get to see some of your photos one day!

Kena's Frist Trike...

For Christmas, Santa (g'ma and boppa) brought Kena a trike! One of those awesome classic trikes that we all had as a kid! Eventhough the weather has been less then perfect, Kena has enjoyed riding around in the house. In the next couple of weeks we will buy her a helmet (just in case...she is my child after all).
I love how her cubby little fit doesn't even come close to touching the floor, thats why I took so many pictures of it!

When Dada's at Work....

...We chat with him on Instant Messanger. Thats one of Kena's favs! She will sit and type all sorts of...well...numbers. But Dada has a video camera on his computer its great for those long days when Kena needs her dada!