Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moody Bands...

Adam has a high school friend that he recently connected with via facebook. Naif Farris now is a writer for children's books about emotions. Naif posted that he just finished a new book, about bullies, and posted the 'video' on his facebook page. Adam right then told me to log in and check it. And let me tell you, it was awesome! I am always looking for new books and new authors. I fell in love with how Naif explained 'bullying' on the playground (Byron the Bear and the Bully). Then Adam directed me to Naif's website, Moody Bands. What a WONDERFUL idea! These bands have six emotions, my favorite is excited, on these trendy arm bands. We are thinking about ordering them and putting them away for when Kena is older. What a great way to 'talk' about your feelings, especially when your child can 'start the conversation' by wearing one of these bands. Also, Naif talks about wearing these bands to show that we are all alike! I LOVE IT! Here you can read about Naif and his passion about children!

For 12.99 you can get a pack of 6! Click on this link to go to the store.