Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Good Old Days...

So Kena and I ventured out yesterday to enjoy the beautiful sun at our local park. Kena was dressed adorably, of course, and I toted my Digtal SLR along with me (right now I am sort of attached at the hip to it).

Now, I thought...way back when...the good old days...that you would go to the park and meet new friends. As in"How old is your little girl?" "Oh mine is just a month younger!" "Oh, her name is Makena, whats her name?" "Isn't this a great park?". I have a passion for kids and their mamas, so I am always up to meet new moms! Well, apparently things have changed. I tried so hard to strike up a conversation with one mom who's child was almost two. Asking her questions...nothing back. Didn't even ask about Makena, which frankly, is just manners. Even if you don't care you still ask. So Kena found another friend, a little boy. They played, but his mom came over and 'redirected' him to play with another friend (a friend that they came with). This little boy adored Kena and they were having a great time. No moms talked to me or even whats worse, even showed interest. I thought you went to the park to meet new friends? Or am I on something?

I have always ran into a problem that "I look too young". Yes I KNOW I will love it when I am older, but right now I am rarely taken serious as a mom. I am sorry, once you are a mom you are ALL on the same playing field regardless of the mom's age. Yes, I don't dress fancy or wear make up. Why? Because I rather have a couple more minutes of sleep. If I were to look 'nice' or wear make up I might look older, but I just don't care. I also get the "oooh got knocked up at the prom" look. This is the best when I am with my 28 year old husband and we get that look. Mainly by older ladies some times other moms. At work there are still some moms that I feel don't 'trust me', yes I might look like your babysitter, but I have been working with kids for a long time and I am also a mother. I know a few things about kids...good and bad.
So frustrated, I let Kena just walk around (which the let me think more). I didn't want a new hang out buddy. Maybe someone I get ideas from...maybe another facebook mom. Another someone out there that knows what I am going through, because they are going through it right now! Kena then through a fit and I decided I was hungry and deserved McDonalds. I vented to Adam when I got home (threw a bit of a pitty party) and put Kena to bed.

Don't get me wrong...I ADORE my mom friends (whitney, nette, melissa, maegan, suzi, leia, anna, kristin, rhian, devon to just name a few), but I am always up for Kena meeting new kids. And for me to reach out, its also a great ministry I have found out.
Anyhoo, I got home, debrief and this is day two of my debriefing. I feel a bit better now.

After that I decided to put in my picture card to see what awesome pictures I got in the beautiful sun. Nothing. You have got to be kidding me. Yes really nothing good.. bummers. The only 'great' ones where taking in my backyard when I got home. Go figure.