Monday, February 2, 2009

Refuse to Say Cheese....

As many of you know, I love photography. I love taking pictures and also seeing others pictures. I have come to adore this idea "Refuse to Say Cheese" by Me Ra Koh. She is a local photographer...who has now gotten to the big time. She has a dvd set (if you have the money or the time seems like a great idea), which explains her 'say no to cheese' theory. Click on this link to see a bit of video of Me Ra, its short but you get the idea. I adore/love/admire candids. About 90% of my wedding photos were candids and have decided to take that appoarch with Kena's photos. After getting the best birthday gift ever from my hubby, a Nikon d40 digtal SLR, I started to explore taking photos. I have never been a big fan of 'posed pictures', some are and thats great. For me, I love to capture and remember those little moments. Like in my last post, I realized I took a bunch of pictures of her feet...not touching the ground on her trike. I guess I really want to remember that, because before you know it they are on their way to preschool! I love feet, their little shoes, all their clothes, the toys tossed about the house. Yes, in some of my pictures (ok, many of my pictures) the house is a mess. I claim to NOT be a house keeper, just not one of my things. I let Kena go like a huricane in my house and clean up at the end of the day. So if my table is covered with stuff...oh well! I love taking pictures of the mess of paint Kena makes. Seriously how adorable is that?

I actually was interviewed for an online catalog about photography! Babiestoday page 3 or 4, I can't remember. Here is the picture I was talking about:

Well, I hope I get to see some of your photos one day!