Friday, December 14, 2007


I have been awful, I know!

It has been two months since I updated Makena's blog. I was doing really well there for awhile, but life happens, and I got side tracked.

Two major holidays has passed and we are preparing for the another one. Halloween Makena was a little monkey and she is the cutest monkey ever. Monkey has been her nickname since she was in my tummy and she continues to have the name. Grandpa Craig even bought her a 'monkey rug' (a face of a monkey) for her room, its the best! We didn't have been children at our house, just enough to get rid of the good candy so we didn't sit and eat all of it.

Then right around the corner was Thanksgiving. Adam and I decided since we bought a new house and have the new baby we would have it at our house! Wow, were we in for a task! In the morning we had my parents over for parade watching and coffee. Then over came Adam's parents, sister, brother in law and kena's cousins. We had a great time. Adam made a fablous turkey and I made my green bean casarole (which I don't even eat!)

Now, the best part of the year! We have went all out for Christmas this year. Sunday after Thanksgiving we got out our boots and went through the cold to find our tree. Kena did a great job, even falling asleep in Uncle Tyler's arms. We found a cute Christmas tree that fits great in our Family Room. We had a fake tree from last year so I put that up in the Living Room, yes two trees. Day after Thanksgiving Adam put up the Christmas lights as I decorated the whole house. Adam was very proud of his work, showing it off to Kena that day.

Last weekend we had Adam's Mother's side of the family come up from Oregon. It was quite a busy weekend with all 21 one of us (5 kids under the age of 3). Relatives 'ooh' and 'ahh' over her adorable face (and who wouldn't???) On Sunday was a very special day, she was dedicated to the Lord by our friend, Youth Pastor Brian Dickison from our church. She wore a very special dress, my mother smocked and Adam's mom sewed the dress. Very cute. Then we had a little party with cake at our house afterwards. She was so cute and she knew it was her very special day.

Makena is now on formula only and she is chunking up! We go to the doctor on Monday so we will see how much she weighs. She is also teething, which is so much fun. I don't know what is more fun, the drooling or the screaming.

Well I will posted pictures soon.