Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rock n Roll Marathon...American Cancer Society Benefiting Charity

Yes, its been awhile...

Besides getting bigger and bigger each day (I better give birth to a 20 pound baby), we have been full on "Rock n Roll Marathon" at our house. Most of you know in the beginning of the year Adam landed a new job with American Cancer Society's Determination. For the west coast division's first event was the 2nd annual Seattle Rock n Roll Full and Half Marathon, Adam dove head into Determination.

I can not be more proud of my husband.

I got the chance to spend the whole weekend emerged in ACS with the Rock n Roll Marathon. The weekend started early on Thursday morning, where we packed up the "crazy man van" (its called something else but not PC for here...) and headed to the Health and Wellness expo at Qwest field. Not only did we get treated like V.I.P, I was so impressed with the overall expo that CGI (the company that runs the RnR) produces. If you get a chance next year...take a look. Its a blast. We spent most of the day there, getting to meet participates and talking to others about RnR's benefiting charity.

After many hours...we took our 'van' to the classy...W Hotel, where Adam and I got to stay until Sunday afternoon.

Pasta dinner followed the busy day at the expo. The pasta dinner for charity runners and their friends and family went without an hitches. It was a beautiful dinner hosted in the W's banquet room. I most enjoyed meeting those that running...and some of the surviors. One of them is a 4 year old girl that is a eye cancer survior.

Friday brought another busy day at the expo (I slept in...walked down to qwest field when I was ready... I got to enjoy the city sights!). Most of the runners attended that day. There I got to meet a recent cancer survior whose RnR marathon was her frist marathon after cancer treatment. Amazing.

After drinks in the W's Bar after the expo, Adam called it a night...he had to get up at 4.

I don't know much about the start....oh thats right, I was still in bed.

Volunteering at the charity tent was a blast. I loved seeing all the signs, sweaty faces and cheering families. This year the RnR had 28,000 runners/walkers/limpers/etc. My mother in law and sister in law ran for 'team hope' for those in church and our community. My mother was so impressed she decided that Stanwood needs to get a team together, as that community has been deeply affected by cancer. Saturday was a long day and thats putting it lightly. But it was the most amazing volutneer experience I have had. We had two women in our church community hold the 'finishers' tape...Kelli stage 3 cancer fighter and Joni a stage 4 breast and brain cancer fighter. They were more than excited to be included in the hype of it all.

The phrase I heard the most at the race's end was...."I wanted to QUIT. But then I thought of those who we were running FOR...and those friends/family/community can't stay QUIT to CANCER."

...this is a disease that affects matter your race, gender, age, income. Please consider running/walking/tranning with ACS next year for the RnR. Its an amazing experience.

Please let me know if you have anyone that is a survior or current figther as Adam is always looking for people to feature with ACS.

Below are some amazing pictures by my dear friend Krista. She captured so many beautiful moments and I will share more later.

...I have had people ask me if I am going to run/walk next year. I have already decided no....because I just have way too much fun volunteering!

...Thats Kena...a total rock star...with her V.I.P pass!