Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You Krista Schei Photography

I will post more...Thank you Krista Schei for a wonderful photoshoot.

Ooooh Crap...

Am I allowed to even say 'crap'? Well, if my mom had any say...then no. But WAIT, this is MY

There it is...

Ok, why am I saying 'crap'? Its been too long since last time I blogged. Its not like I have the computer every day, I guess I have been checking out so many other blogs that I kind of forgot. I think this is the longest that I have gone.

First want to give some shout OUTs...
I have won two contests in the last month...I won a adorable Coach Coin Purse from April over at Dot...Dot...Dot. Thank you April! Everyone check out her super cute blog...which has just been redesigned!
Then I won some wonderful "Lip Love" from Lacey over at Neohippiemama. Thank you so much Lacey! It smells like yummy, warm chai tea and has been amazing for me with my current cold situation! Lacey (who I grew up with in Stanwood) has a etsy site where she makes all natural products with therapeutic grade oils. Please hop on over to her blog and check out her findings on interesting!

Thank you so much ladies! I loved receiving my little 'presents' in the mail!

Here is a little something else that I have been thinking...Should I change the look of my blog? I don't know...what do you guys think? Is it time for a 'face lift'? Not for me please, for the blog. Please give input!

If you don't live in the Northwest, you don't know the pain of the bitter cold we have been experincing. I think I have heard numbers, 17 at like 6am. Yes and thats with out snow. I am sorry, if its cold I rather have snow on the ground, or at least a snow day. Some of you know, I work at a preschool. And part of my job I run 'valet' which is, I will come out and get your preschooler out of the car so you don't have to leave your nice warm car. So that 'pain' of the cold...its really true. Its 'supposed' to be warmer this weekend...with the chance of snow...NOW we are talking!

Our thanksgiving was filled with yummy food and laughter. My parents, bro and us all had thanksgiving over at our house this year. We love hosting and Adam loves making the turkey. Our night ended with a heated debate on music, which I now think Adam understands where I get my craziness for music from.

We have been very busy, family, life and church. I will in another post open up the debate about what our Church did a couple of weeks ago. You might have seen them on the news...we are the church that tattooed someone on stage. (if we had the funds, I would have been up there getting my tattoo...of my three little birds).