Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy... the goings of this house!!

Yes, I am backing to writing (little by little), with a borrowed computer from the lovely Deiby! She let me borrow a extra laptop they had so I am able to feel 'connected' with the real world. As a mom sometimes you don't feel like you are connected to the real world, but a world of forever whinning, gigi (God's little Princess), saying 'no you may NOT have more sugar' and cleaning playdough off the carpet. Its nice to take those few seconds to see if other moms are having a crazy day like me. Normally they are, which puts my mommy mind at ease. We have been very busy around here. Adam is very busy with his new job. We are so lucky that he is happy with his job, most people find that when they are older or never at all. He comes home excited to talk about his daily work and his goal setting for the next couple of weeks. If you are interested in running the Rock n Roll Marathon in Seattle for American Cancer Society please check on the following post.

I have been working very hard at battling with my depression/anxiety. I will blog more about that later....

Kena, is talking more and more, which makes for some interesting coversations. She regularly makes us laugh, which we LOVE. She is such a carefree, loving, kind, and compassionate little girl. Yes, she got both her mother's and father's stubburn sides, but I know God has quite the plan for her! Ask her her favorite song and she will gladly proclaim "GLORY TO GOD" (by Fee band). We have taught her at a young age to express her Praise and Love to Jesus through music. We often raise hands in Church to show that its ok to Praise, however you may. She will ask to listen to our Church's music before she goes into Children's Church. We are so proud of her and her love of Jesus!

Personally, I have started a Bible Study with some wonderful friends at Gold Creek. We are working through "Captivating" which is the sister book for "Wild at Heart". I am really enjoying the study and being able to open up to others and listening to others open up to me.

God is doing amazing things in our life.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A little break....

..not on purpose!
my computer, finally, did bite the dust. it was time...well not really, but i guess my computer decided it was. now we are on the search for a cheap, great and hopefully orange laptop! if i don't get my orange laptop adam said that i can get a cool orange sticker from etsy (i am thinking a little orange birdie on a tree). until then, i have limited time on the hubs' computer so i won't be able to update my blog as often. also, no new pictures until i can download them on a safe, new computer!

until then....check out my friend's blog!!! Kisha, who is a friend i met at work, has an awesome blog, she is a great writter! please check out her blog! also she has 'freebie fridays' where she gives away some awesome prizes!!!!

In Through the Out Door

will be back soon!