Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the adventures in potty fairy land...

So in a blog entry, oh so long ago, I said iIwould let you know how we potty trainned M. Now, please keep in mind, it won't work for everyone! M is a very independant, strong, stubborn, first born. So we had to take a little bit of a different approach.

So, at first to get M excited about going potty and having a direct reward (decided against giving her candy...because, well have you seen her? she would be tricky, so she can get more candy). So for a pee- she got a sticker. For a poop, she got to make a phone call. And for some reason, that made her excited! She got to call who ever she wanted (before hand we 'warned' those who might be getting phone calls) Her fav's her boppa and g'ma/ auntie and Olivia. Once she grasped that idea and didn't need the phone calls, but still needed some kind of...reward...we introduced "The Potty Fairy".

M, being the stubborn child of mine (who the heck did she get that from?) decided she was DONE taking naps. So I morn the death of NAPS at 2 and half years old. So we didn't need to work on staying dry while sleeping, we will save that til later. So, if M stayed dry all day...then after her bath time the 'potty fairy' would visit (i would sneak into her bathroom and be the 'potty fairy' when she wasn't looking). PF would bring a small toy...a matchbox car or a puzzle, on the toliet. For some reason, that worked! She loved getting little toys at the end of the day...and she was so proud of herself.

Her end of day potty training kind of coinceided with christmas, so PF took a break while Santa took over and gave her presents on Christmas. However, if it didn't work that way then the PF would have brought a big present to end her adventure with M and that M was potty trainned.

Now, of course M has her slip ups. It happens and that is ok.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Congrats to Adam for landing his dream job at American Cancer Society! January 4th he started a new journey as the Community Relationship Manager, exclusively working with the "Rock n Roll Full and Half Seattle Marathon" (June 26th). As the Community Relationship Manager, he is in charge of scouting runners to run/train for the Rock n Roll Marathon and rising money for American Cancer Society (ACS).

If you are to sign up, run and raise money for ACS, you will be apart of "DetermiNation". As a member of DetermiNation, you will not only be raising money to END Cancer, but you will receive Rockstar treatment, including (but not only):
-Free Group Race Training
-VIP treatment on race day
-Free entrance fee into the Rock n Roll Marathon1
-Many More! (click on the Rockstar treatment link for more info)

Have you ever thought..."One day I would like to run/walk/crawl/moan/cry through a marathon!"? Then this is your time to do it! You can do either the half or full marathon, while raising money for ACS. Click on the following link: ACS to get more information.

Or email Adam, my hubby, at Call him at 206-406-9626


I am sitting here with my lovely husband...watching some "cbs" (because I changed it from the "bachelor"...frankly i got sick of that 'd bag'). and a commerical comes on for the new "big mac snack wrap" from mcdonald's. um, nasty. maybe mcdonald's made an 'ordering mistake' and made too many 'big mac beef patties' and flour wraps. sit back and think about all the big wigs in a meeting
"WELL, damn it folks! we have far too many wraps...and beef patties. WHAT on earth are we going to do??!?!?!"
"Well boss...combine them together. we can corner the 'pregnant mom cravings' and the 'poor hungry college kids' market!"

no i am not knocking mcdonald's here...i am simply saying "hey mcdonald's...i think you went a little too far". it has got to be the nastiness thing i have ever seen. no wait...yes...yeah it is. it out beats the 'famous kfc bowls' shown in commericals a few years back.
yes folks. that is crispy chicken, cheese, corn and rice! i don't know if a pregnant woman, with all the crazy cravings in the world, would think this looks appetizing.

now its your turn....what do you think? maybe wash it down with a tall beer?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We are a..... in progress!

please ignore the mess! i decided, while sipping wine and watching "Community", to change my blog. frankly, i was bored with it and needed a change.

if anyone can help...look at the little sweet window at the top of the page...HOW ON EARTH do i get a actual picture in that!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I guess I am that bad...

yeah, i totally suck.

i thought i would be more on top of things lately, but let me honest...i am not.

let me catch you up on a few things that has been going on in the Cross' household.
-Christmas came and gone in a blur. however, the piles and piles of garbage is still around. oh and so is that freak'n poundage that i 'luckily' gainned from christmas sweets (note the scarasim.). damn you holiday sweets. those cookies get me everytime. does everyone need like, three cookies, to go with their coffee?

-kena is day potty trained. how we did it? i will never know.

-kena has decided to never take naps again. which makes mommy sad...i miss my OWN naps. a single tear for what was a nice two hour nap time...with out whinning. now the time that was spent updating my blog, is now...watching my two year old not taking a nap.

-Adam recieved a NEW job! yes!! Praise God, for adam's new job at American Cancer Society. i will do a whole post on his new job and what that entails (any runners out there?).

-i have been reading! finished jennifer wiener's "good night nobody" around Christmas time and now working on "Tweak" by Nic Sheff (a compain book to "beautiful boy" by his father David Sheff).

-crap dang it...i am addicted to...crossword puzzles and wordsearches. And not just the same old puzzles and wordsearches...its those damn celebrity ones. i just bought my second 'people puzzler' from people magazine. hense why i am tired because i stay up doing those things!

-both adam and i had two weeks off. sorry, i hung out with my fam playing games.

-i thought kena wouldn't get the 'terrible twos' but guess what??? it has smacked me in the butt. kena has hit the terrible twos...and is running with it. the whinning, drives me nuts. so i have been trying to 'nip it in the bud' before it gets too far. hopefully there isn't too much damage.

-life gets crazy. i guess sometimes i HAVE to do laundry...when everyone runs out of underwear.

-i am loving some new blogs! I will follow up with a later post with my NEW favorite blogs!

Ok, I gotta get back to watching my 'friends' dvd's and my crossword puzzle. wow did i like age 30 years just then?