Monday, January 25, 2010


I am sitting here with my lovely husband...watching some "cbs" (because I changed it from the "bachelor"...frankly i got sick of that 'd bag'). and a commerical comes on for the new "big mac snack wrap" from mcdonald's. um, nasty. maybe mcdonald's made an 'ordering mistake' and made too many 'big mac beef patties' and flour wraps. sit back and think about all the big wigs in a meeting
"WELL, damn it folks! we have far too many wraps...and beef patties. WHAT on earth are we going to do??!?!?!"
"Well boss...combine them together. we can corner the 'pregnant mom cravings' and the 'poor hungry college kids' market!"

no i am not knocking mcdonald's here...i am simply saying "hey mcdonald's...i think you went a little too far". it has got to be the nastiness thing i have ever seen. no wait...yes...yeah it is. it out beats the 'famous kfc bowls' shown in commericals a few years back.
yes folks. that is crispy chicken, cheese, corn and rice! i don't know if a pregnant woman, with all the crazy cravings in the world, would think this looks appetizing.

now its your turn....what do you think? maybe wash it down with a tall beer?