Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two, yes I said TWO teeth!

Little Monkey is getting so BIG! Makena has two, thats right two teeth! So on top of having a cold she has been teething. Who would have known? On Tuesday night Adam was feeling around in her mouth and felt a tooth! I freaked out and called all Grandparents and Auntie! The next day I was talking to a co-worker and was showing her Kena's new tooth...I freaked out again...there was ANOTHER tooth!!!!

Two little teeth on the bottom. Shes had a rough couple of days but now she is doing so much better!

~Little mama and little monkey~

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

music...the lifeline in our house...

I have to tell you, Makena LOVES music. I grew up in an awesome household that loved and appreicated music. Both of my parents play(ed) gituar and my brother is talented in so many ways with music. He mainly plays gituar now, but can play drums, etc. Kena is mesmerized by Uncle Tyler when he plays music for her, I will later post a video (if I can!) of her listening to Uncle Tyler.

Now, let me clarify. Music in our house is MUSIC. Kena loves Jack Johnson, Cold War Kids, Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, Sarah McLaughlin and many others. OF course she loves David Crowder Band also. Her legs start moving and she has a big smile on her face. One thing I tried to stay away from since I was pregnant was that 'baby music'. So before Kena was born I searched and searched for some adult friendly kid music. How funny that sounds, but true. I did finally find something...which might not be for everyone. I found a company called "Rock a Bye Baby' who takes mainstream songs and puts it to lullaby music. They have No Doubt, Bob Marley, Coldplay and others. The words are taken out and they are soothing songs that aren't annoying to her mom!

So my point was...One of the many things I am passing on to my child from my childhood is the love of music and art (I can't wait for her to go to SAM). And I thank my parents for that.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Nights....

Monday nights are normally very quiet at the Cross' household. Adam goes indoor rock climbing with his buddies from Church from 7-9:30pm. He heads off shortly after Kena's last bottle of the night. So I put Kena to bed and have a few 'stolen' moments for myself. I get to listen to my relaxing music, catch up on this and that. Maybe I can try to write on this blog thingy....

Kena has now started to get the 'cold'. I am a schedule freak and I really don't like her to be off her schedule, as long as I am in charge. If grandparents are watching her I don't mind that much, but if I am with her I keep to my schedule. So when she is sick, the schedule is thrown out the window. Today was one of those days. I am still recovering from my cold while Kena was in the beginning stages. Luckily Adam had a short day at work and was able to come home around lunch. Adam brought home Kena a new toy because she wasn't feeling good and what was the only thing that made her happy!!! It was so cute that he came home with a toy for her and her legs went crazy and she had a big smile!! The first and only all day. She got to enjoy her toy before she took another nap. Adam bought be a magazine and a movie to enjoy while I am still recovering...and also cookies!!

I will write more when I have my head on straight! Stupid sinuses!

Tomorrow is a new day...hopefully won't bring on the chicken poxs!

~Little mama~

Friday, February 22, 2008

When it rains it pours....

I have decided that maybe I should just write in my blog, not only post pictures. Since I will have Kena's pictures on the camera for weeks before I download them, I might as well 'blog' in the between parts. I think I see that my friend Kjerste keeps up with her blog so I decided I will update you all more often! (you are setting a good example K!)

As to the title...isn't that true? My niece has come down with the Chicken poxs, a form of pink eye, impatiego (I can't spell it but its a skin rash), and ear infections. I don't normally 'air' what illness's my family members have, however Kena was over at her house on wednesday and probably has it too. I am not worried about it, but its like of like waiting for the 'poo' to hit the fan. It just seems to be part of being a mom. Little Olivia is feeling much better now, thank you God, so she is getting back to playing, eatting, etc.

I woke up with crud in my lungs, sore throat and a cough. So I am not feeling well and as the morning has passed Kena started to do her clinginess and showed signs of not feeling well. Mornings are the best time for Kena and she didn't want anything to do with toys or playing. When she isn't happy in the morning, I know something is wrong. Around 9ish she started to only be soothed by mommy, which I feel blessed to be that person. So by 11 we ended up sitting on the couch under her warm blanket (baby blankets are by far better than grown ups!) watching Ellen. Kena started to get fussy and not soothed by me so that was a sign for a nap (normally she rubs her eyes to say she is tired). So when it rains it pours....

So I sit here, 12 o'clock, sitting in my jammies looking at the beautiful sun. At least it is sunny here!

So I will keep you all posted...I do secretly love these days, because I LOVE that Kena is soothed by me!

Sara and Makena

Monday, February 11, 2008

Makena paraphrase...

Our Fatty!
Makena is Leavenworth.
Sitting up like a big girl
Makena and cousin Petey. She loves dogs!

I have no excuse. Well really I do, her name is Makena and the older she gets the more attention she needs! So my excuse is my daughter to not keeping up with my blog.

I will paraphase what has happened over the last few weeks....

-Makena started eatting solids, big surprise, she loves it! Her favorite is bananas (which is only fitting since her nickname is Monkey) and peas.

-She loves spitting bubbles.

-She is sitting up all on her own, for quite awhile. I love that she can just sit on the floor and we don't have to worry about little bumps on the head.

-She is a BIG roller, but only from her tummy to her back, only on the left. She can do both, but she favors the left. Which tends to lead me to think she is a lefty.

-We had our first ever stomach bug, which resulted into a trip to the ER (a 7 hour trip mind you!)

-She LOVES playing now! She LOVES playing with her cousins Noah and Olivia and her boyfriend Riley.

-She LOVES dancing and music (atta girl!).

That is brief, but you mainly get the point. She had her 6 month appointment and weighted 15lbs 12 oz and is 25 inches long! She is wearing mainly 6-9 month clothing and now is trying size 3 diapers! She is getting to be such a big girl.

Her real personality has been shining through the last couple of weeks. Big smiles, laughs and dancing (geez can this girl dance!). Kena is a big cuddler and loves hanging onto mommy and daddy in the morning as she wakes up. Point blank she is the best little girl ever. We adore her. The first couple of months were really hard for me (I struggled with post partum depression), but now that Kena has gotten to know me and I have gotten to know her you can't separate us! Leaving for working in the morning is hard to do, but seeing her face when I come home is more than worth it. Her big smile, she throws her head back and then lets out her little clackle, it melts your heart.

Our Monkey is a half a year old, where has the time gone???