Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Nights....

Monday nights are normally very quiet at the Cross' household. Adam goes indoor rock climbing with his buddies from Church from 7-9:30pm. He heads off shortly after Kena's last bottle of the night. So I put Kena to bed and have a few 'stolen' moments for myself. I get to listen to my relaxing music, catch up on this and that. Maybe I can try to write on this blog thingy....

Kena has now started to get the 'cold'. I am a schedule freak and I really don't like her to be off her schedule, as long as I am in charge. If grandparents are watching her I don't mind that much, but if I am with her I keep to my schedule. So when she is sick, the schedule is thrown out the window. Today was one of those days. I am still recovering from my cold while Kena was in the beginning stages. Luckily Adam had a short day at work and was able to come home around lunch. Adam brought home Kena a new toy because she wasn't feeling good and what was the only thing that made her happy!!! It was so cute that he came home with a toy for her and her legs went crazy and she had a big smile!! The first and only all day. She got to enjoy her toy before she took another nap. Adam bought be a magazine and a movie to enjoy while I am still recovering...and also cookies!!

I will write more when I have my head on straight! Stupid sinuses!

Tomorrow is a new day...hopefully won't bring on the chicken poxs!

~Little mama~


Kjerste said...

I'm enjoying all the new posts! It's so fun to get a window into someone else's world. Keeps us mommies from feeling so isolated! Hope you all are feeling better soon. Enjoy all the cuddle time. :)

oh...and your husband is adorable!!! ;)