Friday, February 22, 2008

When it rains it pours....

I have decided that maybe I should just write in my blog, not only post pictures. Since I will have Kena's pictures on the camera for weeks before I download them, I might as well 'blog' in the between parts. I think I see that my friend Kjerste keeps up with her blog so I decided I will update you all more often! (you are setting a good example K!)

As to the title...isn't that true? My niece has come down with the Chicken poxs, a form of pink eye, impatiego (I can't spell it but its a skin rash), and ear infections. I don't normally 'air' what illness's my family members have, however Kena was over at her house on wednesday and probably has it too. I am not worried about it, but its like of like waiting for the 'poo' to hit the fan. It just seems to be part of being a mom. Little Olivia is feeling much better now, thank you God, so she is getting back to playing, eatting, etc.

I woke up with crud in my lungs, sore throat and a cough. So I am not feeling well and as the morning has passed Kena started to do her clinginess and showed signs of not feeling well. Mornings are the best time for Kena and she didn't want anything to do with toys or playing. When she isn't happy in the morning, I know something is wrong. Around 9ish she started to only be soothed by mommy, which I feel blessed to be that person. So by 11 we ended up sitting on the couch under her warm blanket (baby blankets are by far better than grown ups!) watching Ellen. Kena started to get fussy and not soothed by me so that was a sign for a nap (normally she rubs her eyes to say she is tired). So when it rains it pours....

So I sit here, 12 o'clock, sitting in my jammies looking at the beautiful sun. At least it is sunny here!

So I will keep you all posted...I do secretly love these days, because I LOVE that Kena is soothed by me!

Sara and Makena