Tuesday, February 26, 2008

music...the lifeline in our house...

I have to tell you, Makena LOVES music. I grew up in an awesome household that loved and appreicated music. Both of my parents play(ed) gituar and my brother is talented in so many ways with music. He mainly plays gituar now, but can play drums, etc. Kena is mesmerized by Uncle Tyler when he plays music for her, I will later post a video (if I can!) of her listening to Uncle Tyler.

Now, let me clarify. Music in our house is MUSIC. Kena loves Jack Johnson, Cold War Kids, Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, Sarah McLaughlin and many others. OF course she loves David Crowder Band also. Her legs start moving and she has a big smile on her face. One thing I tried to stay away from since I was pregnant was that 'baby music'. So before Kena was born I searched and searched for some adult friendly kid music. How funny that sounds, but true. I did finally find something...which might not be for everyone. I found a company called "Rock a Bye Baby' who takes mainstream songs and puts it to lullaby music. They have No Doubt, Bob Marley, Coldplay and others. The words are taken out and they are soothing songs that aren't annoying to her mom!

So my point was...One of the many things I am passing on to my child from my childhood is the love of music and art (I can't wait for her to go to SAM). And I thank my parents for that.


Kjerste said...

Kaiya's favorite CD is the new Jack Johnson album. I reach for it whenever she's fussy, and she is invariably out cold by the end of the third track.

We also love the Rockabye Baby series. Kaiya has U2, Coldplay, and Green Day. :) Glad you discovered them, too!