Thursday, May 21, 2009

I laughed so hard a little pee came out...

(for those that don't know...that is a 'friends' quote. I can hold my urine that you very much)

Think about it....get it??? "Under neat that" (you aren't supposed to write it...just do it!)

I haven't blogged about this website yet and I wanted to pass it onto you. You will thank me later as you will read though the many posts....of horrible cakes!

Over at cakewrecks they host a website of the world most horribly decorated cakes. Pictures sent in by the people who bought them or the bakers themselves, will not only make you laugh but will make you feel better for your own cakes you have decorated. I laughed so hard at some of these cakes. I was telling Adam about them last night and I was crying so hard recalling the pictures and stories.

Here is to give you just a taste...

I want sprinkles DAMN it! Ok..maybe I will settle for you just writing "I want sprinkles" on top...thats pretty much like eatting them,yeah. This one made me crack up. So funny!!!

Can you tell? This is Dora!

"Which cake would you like?" "Um...yes, the one cover in turds and hot dogs please!" Totally makes sense!

I am not even going to say anything.

Most of the cake's pictures are taken while still sitting on the store shelves (thank goodness for camera phones!!). You know someone didn't do that on purpose...or maybe that did??

Would love to hear what you thought of cakewrecks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A playdate at Willis Tucker...

We invited some friends to enjoy a day at Willis Tucker Park on Monday. Kena had a great time with her friends. Here are a few shots of the day.Noah and Livvy sharing their lunch with Kena (thanks Auntie!)
Kena and her friend Kendal. Kendal and Kena just walked around the park hand in hand.
Ryan! Kena and him share the same birthday.

Kena being pushed on the everyone!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mommy and Makena Monday's!!

Monday's adventure was to....
Country Village, Bothell

Happy Birthday to .....ME!

We celebrated my birthday/mother's day the whole last weekend. I got to sleep in...priceless.

As tradition, we go to Trophy Cupcake in Seattle to grab a birthday cupcake and 'take in' the people behind the counter decorating the cupcakes. Since it was mother's day the next day and Saturday being so popular for weddings they had around 10 people making, baking and decorating. I so wanted to take a picture of the busy bees, but thought I shouldn't be 'that person'.

Afterwards off to walk around U Village...just to look. We didn't take a stroller for Kena, which makes it more fun to let Kena decide where she wanted to go. You will see in pictures below...she got a tad bit wet from the frog water fountian.

Once home, I got to rest and enjoy the rest of the day. My parents stopped by for a bbq later that night.

Monday, May 11, 2009

and now...

I added "three little birds" by Elizabeth Mitchell on the playlist...enjoy!

A not so traditional lullaby...

We just aren't normal at this house...and I love it.

So as some of you know, I suffer from anxiety/depression. I pray to God that Kena will never experience this pain. I work very hard for her never to see me when I have anxiety or talk about it around her. She will be much older before I will 'get real' with her and talk about it. In our house we work on talking things out, feelings/emotions, worries/fears...even with Kena at her age. For me its easier to talk about it out then to hold it in.

Luckily, as far as we can see, she got her fearlessness and calmness from her father.

But one day, while we were cuddling getting ready for bed I started to sing (if singing is what you want to call it) "Three little Birds" by Bob Marley. There are so many 'versions' of this song. Bob does best of course and children's folk singer Elizabeth Mitchell (little bird cd) has a beautiful version that is in our car. I was singing to her and she kept on saying 'one more, one more'. And she will even sing the "alright" part. Now while I sign it she says "mommys song, mommys song".

...I am thinking that in her 'backyard themed' room she might need three little birds sitting in a tree on her wall...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Throw that word away!

I have a total headache, but I have to write about this. Kena's new favorite word..."Mine", which is totally the worse word. I hate it more than "No". At least with 'no' you are making a stand for something. She doesn't need to say mine, even if someone is taking something from you. It just bugs me, because I in no way to raise a greedy child. She says "mine" to everything-up to and including my cereal in the morning. She is right now playing with her mega blocks saying "mine"...well yes they are yours, but you need to share. So I tell her throw that word AWAY, she doesn't need to use it. I don't even want it in her vocab, I can see day in children's church she will go "thats mine bit*h" and I can only guess it will have to do with food.
Her favorite phrase right now "one minute" and yes she got it from I care? Crap no. Its quite funny. The other day we were at the library and there is a kid's computer-she went up to older kids and said "one minute". The older kids were looking at her like, did she just say that? (Did I already tell this story? Don't care, will tell it again).
So to all those words like "mine"...throw them out!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blog Alert!

I wanted to inform you all on a new blog that I have stumbled across. As some of you might know, I enjoy history. Especially Holocaust/World War II history. Adam's boss at Nova Fisheries, his wife works for the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center. WSHERC has wonderful resources on educating about the horiffics of the Holocaust, genocide and hatred. WSHERC also is fanastic if you are in the education field and are interested in teaching your students about the Holocaust. Useful tools are available for rent, one of those tools being a 'suitcase' that is filled with media, books, etc.

They started a blog, which shares special dates, educational forums, and info on grant information (WSHERC is funded by donations and grants that they apply for each year). Its a wonderful resource for those interested in learning a little bit more about history.