Monday, May 11, 2009

A not so traditional lullaby...

We just aren't normal at this house...and I love it.

So as some of you know, I suffer from anxiety/depression. I pray to God that Kena will never experience this pain. I work very hard for her never to see me when I have anxiety or talk about it around her. She will be much older before I will 'get real' with her and talk about it. In our house we work on talking things out, feelings/emotions, worries/fears...even with Kena at her age. For me its easier to talk about it out then to hold it in.

Luckily, as far as we can see, she got her fearlessness and calmness from her father.

But one day, while we were cuddling getting ready for bed I started to sing (if singing is what you want to call it) "Three little Birds" by Bob Marley. There are so many 'versions' of this song. Bob does best of course and children's folk singer Elizabeth Mitchell (little bird cd) has a beautiful version that is in our car. I was singing to her and she kept on saying 'one more, one more'. And she will even sing the "alright" part. Now while I sign it she says "mommys song, mommys song".

...I am thinking that in her 'backyard themed' room she might need three little birds sitting in a tree on her wall...