Thursday, May 21, 2009

I laughed so hard a little pee came out...

(for those that don't know...that is a 'friends' quote. I can hold my urine that you very much)

Think about it....get it??? "Under neat that" (you aren't supposed to write it...just do it!)

I haven't blogged about this website yet and I wanted to pass it onto you. You will thank me later as you will read though the many posts....of horrible cakes!

Over at cakewrecks they host a website of the world most horribly decorated cakes. Pictures sent in by the people who bought them or the bakers themselves, will not only make you laugh but will make you feel better for your own cakes you have decorated. I laughed so hard at some of these cakes. I was telling Adam about them last night and I was crying so hard recalling the pictures and stories.

Here is to give you just a taste...

I want sprinkles DAMN it! Ok..maybe I will settle for you just writing "I want sprinkles" on top...thats pretty much like eatting them,yeah. This one made me crack up. So funny!!!

Can you tell? This is Dora!

"Which cake would you like?" "Um...yes, the one cover in turds and hot dogs please!" Totally makes sense!

I am not even going to say anything.

Most of the cake's pictures are taken while still sitting on the store shelves (thank goodness for camera phones!!). You know someone didn't do that on purpose...or maybe that did??

Would love to hear what you thought of cakewrecks!


Kjerste said...

We laughed sooo hard over this last night! Thanks!


What a great website.. hilarious! Now, did you go to this website to post my cakes/cupcakes of my kids' birthdays?!?!?

My Moms View said...

Oh My Goodness! Thanks for the link. I can't believe some of these cakes - just too funny :)

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