Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Throw that word away!

I have a total headache, but I have to write about this. Kena's new favorite word..."Mine", which is totally the worse word. I hate it more than "No". At least with 'no' you are making a stand for something. She doesn't need to say mine, even if someone is taking something from you. It just bugs me, because I in no way to raise a greedy child. She says "mine" to everything-up to and including my cereal in the morning. She is right now playing with her mega blocks saying "mine"...well yes they are yours, but you need to share. So I tell her throw that word AWAY, she doesn't need to use it. I don't even want it in her vocab, I can see it...one day in children's church she will go "thats mine bit*h" and I can only guess it will have to do with food.
Her favorite phrase right now "one minute" and yes she got it from me...do I care? Crap no. Its quite funny. The other day we were at the library and there is a kid's computer-she went up to older kids and said "one minute". The older kids were looking at her like, did she just say that? (Did I already tell this story? Don't care, will tell it again).
So to all those words like "mine"...throw them out!