Thursday, August 27, 2009

Probably the most promising show this fall...since F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Community on NBC. Thursday Nights starting September 17th.

I love Joel Mchale. Adam might think its borderline obessive (and he is going to be so annoyed that I posted a picture of Joel). I cried the day we canceled our cable. Not for the billizon channels I will be missing...but I wouldn't be able to watch 'The Soup' friday nights. How could you not love Joel Mchale? A local boy who can seriously rock the skinny tie.

Well finally, Joel is joinning 'free' tv with his new show Community. I know, I know they have been advertising the heck out of this show and I think for good reason. This is the only show that I am excited for this fall. Yes, I love TV...and could most kick anyone's behind on tv triva. I say I probably would have graduated college if I could get a degree in random tv knowledge and F.R.I.E.N.D.S obessession (on a side note...Adam asked me the other day "I wonder how many episodes of friends have you watched this year?" and I said "probably, give and take, two episodes a day" that out to...about 600 episodes this year).

Not only is Joel Mchale in it, but also Ken Jeong. You would know him from: Knocked Up, Role Models, The Hangover (which I haven't seen, but I am told he is it in)...he is one of "Judd Aptow's Boys". He plays a doctor in Knocked up which transends into his real life...this guy is a freak'n doctor...and is still practicing! the spanish teacher.

Yes, they are promoting the crap out of Community, but I really do think its one of the promising new fall shows. Heck, they just added it to the 'thursday line up', which we all know is...legendary.

(insert video...but WAIT, I have no freak'n idea how to do I am posting the link)

Ok...please tell me...

are you freaking about about the swine flu?

When this happened, oh six months ago, I don't think I was as 'worried' as I am now. Its all media driven, but how much isn't? I was watching a episode of 'momversation' today and the talk was about 'are you getting vaccation?'. In our family, yes. I am a mom who believes in vaccations (my mother in law is a retired nurse and my brother in law is a scientist.), however if you are a mom that doesn't believe in them...fine. From what I heard its a series of two shots, then you are guarded from it...but that doesn't include the normal flu! Because I have a toddler and I work in a preschool, if there is short supply, I should be able to get one.

But I guess I am just a little worried about the swine flu, as we start school in two weeks. I work at a preschool at my church...around 300 kids. Last year we had a family 'withdrawal' their children for the fear of the swine flu...what on earth are they going to do now? I saw a video on yahoo the other day (it might have been from 'good morning america, i can't remember) that said up to 60,000 might die (mainly children and elderly) from this flu...that makes me pee my pants.

Adam is trying his best to help me not freak out about it. But I also want to hear from you ladies...what do you think of all this??? I would love to start a conversation on the 'freak out' media driven? Are you worried? Even you ladies that are NOT moms, are you going to get the shot? Are you worried about it???

Just curious...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are you RIPE?

I am delighted to introduce you to
RIPE Jewerly....
Beautiful, right? My college friend Taryn Kitson has launched her own etsy site called Ripe Jewelry. You all know I enjoy jewerly, but even more I love handmade jewerly. Taryn uses goregous semi precious stones and pairs them twisted copper and sliver. Not only casual, but you can dress up her jewerly for a nice date with your hubby. The yummy colors look like they were plucked right out of nature, fanastic for fall. Which brings me to...

Ripe's 20% off Labor day sale!! A sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday where you can stock up on some wonderful pieces for fall.
Taryn is not only talented, but also a true sweetheart. She loves doing special orders and will work with you to create your own special look.
So head on over to RIPE and grab some pieces to add to your new fall clothing!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three...count them THREE CD's you must own if... are a parent.

Now, I don't claim to be an expert. But I think that I have a love of music and I want Kena to have a similar love. And I have talked about this before in previous music. Ugh, it either makes your ears bleed or you want to cut them off. SOME might make you do recommendations, will not.

Jack Johnson and Friends. Sing-a-longs and Lullabies for the film Curious George. Who doesn't love the easy sounds of Jack Johnson. It makes me think of the Hawaiian Breeze and the smell of the islands. This CD, which is one of Kena's favorite is easy for the parents to listen to. It even has a fun rendation of "We are going to be Friends", the lead song in Napoleon Dynamite. Kena knows his music and will scream "JACK" when she hears it. And will act like a monkey during "upside down" the lead song in Curious George film.

Anything (and I mean ANYTHING) by Dan Zanes and friends. I have listened to his music before but was very grateful when my friend Whitney copied me "All around the Kitchen" a CD by Dan Zanes and Friends. There isn't a song I would 'skip' over on any of CD's. Kena favorite is any song featuring "Father Goose" one of Dan Zane's friends. Father Goose is from Jamaica and brings his awesome 'hip hop' music to the CD. Dan likes to bring back some old songs, not just inventing new songs. Like one my favorites "Pay me you owe me" which is an old worker song from South Carolina. Kena is really funny singing that song! Another one of my favorites is "Hello" which at the end sings "hello" in different languages! moshi moshi is my fav (japanese). More on the folky side, I really think this is the best kid singer out there.


Elizabeth Mitchell, Little Bird and You are my Flower. Thank you to my friend Nette, you also gave me a copy of Elizabeth Mitchell's CD. A bit more mellow than the others before her, she is perfect for those screaming fits in the car when you just need your kiddo to calm down! Also, leaps better than the classical music (because this won't make you fall asleep to). She also takes old folk songs and gives them new life. I have had a few car rides where I would have a few tears in my eyes thinking of Kena (baby to now toddler)...and these songs make you think of it. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days old on you are my flower takes each day until they are 20 days old and makes a cute little song out of it. (I'm a little butterfly one mintue old). And she does a beautiful cover of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" (which has special meaning to me). Adorable and tugs at your heart (well at least it did to mine).

So, if you are interested...check them out at your library!

Ok, so what are your favorites??? What CD is currently in your car player???

Thank you

First, after you read this blog jump on over to April Baker's blog at She has a super cute blog with GREAT giveaways!

Which I was lucky enough to win!!

I entered a contest on her page "Project Photography", a chance to win a ebook by photographer Angie from "the creative mama". Not only a mother, a professional photographer, but also loves to teach about the art of photography. As you all know photography is a love of mine (right up there with cakes!) and I would love to learn more about my camera and photo taking. The contest was for one eBook (a book you buy off the web and download it to you computer) for free! So I entered the contest....

AND WON!!! I was super excited! I won the ebook. Of course I dove right in.

This book is great for those who are new/interested in photography. I love that she talks about what type of camera would fit you best. Talks about all the 'buttons' (and let me tell you there is a bunch on my digtal slr), and muiltple functions. My favorite part is learning about 'lighting'. Who would have known cloudy is the best type of lighting?? She backs all this up with her own photos and stories behind them.

I love photographers what are also mothers, since they have a special heart for children. Taking pictures of Kena, her cousins and friends are my favorite since you capture all that craziness and sweetness all in one little click. I am so thankful for this book and can't wait until I have a 'quiet moment' where I can sit with my cup of coffee (with soy creamer of course), computer, camera, and notebook to pour more into this eBook.

Thank you April!!!

Also, she has TONS (and thats an understatement!) of giveaways this week!! Jump onto her blog and enter! So far she has MAC makeup and a sweet little neckless from etsy!!!!

Happy National Cupcake Day!!

Now, if I just hadn't gotten over the nasty stomach flu, I would have been celebrating "National Cupcake Day". However, this year I must pass. However hop on over to my favorite blogs Cakewrecks to find some wrecktastic 'ccc' (cupcake cakes). That lovely picture is...what some will call a 'ccc'. Now, some ccc's can look fanastic. Some...however end up looking like a blob.
Boy, what I wouldn't give for a chocolate/peanut butter cupcake right now...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The many 'cheese' faces of Makena

Some pictures for your enjoyment....

(Apparently saying 'cheese' means sometimes you need to kick your leg)

If you ever thought Kena wasn't my child...

take a look at this little gem...
During a trip to Camano Island, Kena was throwing rocks into the water. Somehow, she lost her balance (she is bound to with her genetics) and landed face first into the water. I laugh each time I see this picture. As it reminds me that, most certianly, that is my child. NO balance...and NOT graceful.

I LOVE this age...

Not the age 26 (which I am), but the age of two. To be honest, I was afraid of Kena turning two. Everyone warns of the "terrible twos" so I was preparing my mind and body for a hurricane. Yes, she has only been two for 8 days now, but I love it. Of course she has her tantrums, which makes me want to rip my hair out or turn into the corner and cry. But that passes.

It seems the day she turned two she looked OLD all of the sudden. Clothes are a little more 'grown up', her walk isn't as childish and even her laugh sounds more like a 'big kid'. Her words are amazing and Adam and I are surprised every day by what she says.

For example, Kena was sitting on the potty last night. Adam and I sat listening to Kena and all of the sudden she started counting. In her adorable voice she started rambling off her numbers

"1,3,5,7,9,10" (I didn't say she said ALL the numbers!)

Adam and I shoot a look to each other to say "how in the heck does she know this many numbers"

Somehow Kena got to we arent sure. Was it all in order? Heck no, but we are equally proud of her.

Then comes to her bathtime. Lately she has been VERY interested in prayer, praying many times during dinner. Prayer time I guess continued through to bathtime.

"Mommy, daddy, pray"

She closes her eyes, hands folded

"Jesus," mumble, mumble, "bubbles, bubbles....AMEN"

Yes our Kena sat and prayed for bubbles, not once, not twice...about five times in a row. Bubbles? Not really sure why...but thats what she wanted to pray for. Could careless what she prayed for, as long as she knows she can talk to Jesus...about ANYTHING, ANYTIME of the day.

I don't know how many words Kena knows. I do know that I can carry on a conversation with her.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So many things...

I know, I have totally 'slacked' in the way of blogging. By each passing day I am getting ready to throw my computer out the window, or at least 'office space' the thing (bring it to an open field and beating it with a baseball bat). Soon, I will post more than ever up to and including a giveaway I won over at Take a look at April's blog and enter one of her contests!!! I was lucky to win an eBook on photography (how fitting for me huh???). I will review it and give you all the info on a entry at a later time.
On her actual birthday:

Trophy Cupcake! Peanut Butter and Jelly! She called it her Peanut butter 'samwich'

Trophy Cupcake in UVillage

For her birthday she got to bring daisy and her stroller and walk around in the mall with her.

At her Birthday Party!:
Her Ladybug Cake made by her mommy!

Kena and Jaden playing with her new kitchen.
Noah showing kena 'the ropes' of opening the gifts.

The kids also got to go swimming!

Kena in her ladybug dress for her 'bug' themed party!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poop in the potty...

(everyone sing with me..)
Poop in the potty
Poop goes in the potty
Poop in the potty
Poop goes in the potty

Yes, we have (*sort of*) started potty training with Kena. As some of you know, Kena does things in her own timing...big surpise, look at her mom. She has been very interested in the 'potty' lately so we have let her do her own thing. Lots of toots, but we thought, someday it will click. Well that day sort of came earlier than later. For the past 6 days, I have only changed 2 poopy diapers. Ok, really for the past 5 days, one day was at g'ma and boppa's house (that happens when you are in a different place). She LOVES going poop in the potty! The other day we were at grandma's (she has a BIG outside deck) and I decided to pop her in her undies on monday and let her run around. Surprisingly, no pees! She hasn't gone pee yet in the potty, but she didn't wet her undies either.

Kena is so funny when it comes to hanging out on the potty. Why you might ask? Because she could camp out there if she wanted. The other day she had...her milk, snack, and book in the bathroom. And of course mommy or daddy to chat with.

I don't think of this as 'training' as more as it is to just listen to Kena. For special treats as a reward is: one sticker for pee, two stickers and a phone call for poop. She gets to call anyone she wants and tells them she went poop in the potty. So far that reward system as work. I watched a dr.phil show (yikes I know) a while back with Adam and dr. phil did potty training in one day. Well I am not even close to doing that, but we did adapt one thing from him...the phone call. As a reward to the child when they finally go poop/pee the child would get a call from their favorite character on tv (for example..thomas the tank engine). For us, Kena gets to call someone when she makes a poop...which is kind of nice. Because I am sure she gets sick of the praises from mommy and daddy. So making a phone call is a nice spin on it.

but...with a two year old you never know how long that will last....

Ok...enough about poop and pee.

I promise in the next couple of days I will post about Kena's 2nd birthday. I have been having computer issues (maybe a bright orange laptop is in my future??? I know...not even close), so uploading pictures seem like an impossbily long task. Save that for another day...