Monday, August 10, 2009

So many things...

I know, I have totally 'slacked' in the way of blogging. By each passing day I am getting ready to throw my computer out the window, or at least 'office space' the thing (bring it to an open field and beating it with a baseball bat). Soon, I will post more than ever up to and including a giveaway I won over at Take a look at April's blog and enter one of her contests!!! I was lucky to win an eBook on photography (how fitting for me huh???). I will review it and give you all the info on a entry at a later time.
On her actual birthday:

Trophy Cupcake! Peanut Butter and Jelly! She called it her Peanut butter 'samwich'

Trophy Cupcake in UVillage

For her birthday she got to bring daisy and her stroller and walk around in the mall with her.

At her Birthday Party!:
Her Ladybug Cake made by her mommy!

Kena and Jaden playing with her new kitchen.
Noah showing kena 'the ropes' of opening the gifts.

The kids also got to go swimming!

Kena in her ladybug dress for her 'bug' themed party!