Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poop in the potty...

(everyone sing with me..)
Poop in the potty
Poop goes in the potty
Poop in the potty
Poop goes in the potty

Yes, we have (*sort of*) started potty training with Kena. As some of you know, Kena does things in her own timing...big surpise, look at her mom. She has been very interested in the 'potty' lately so we have let her do her own thing. Lots of toots, but we thought, someday it will click. Well that day sort of came earlier than later. For the past 6 days, I have only changed 2 poopy diapers. Ok, really for the past 5 days, one day was at g'ma and boppa's house (that happens when you are in a different place). She LOVES going poop in the potty! The other day we were at grandma's (she has a BIG outside deck) and I decided to pop her in her undies on monday and let her run around. Surprisingly, no pees! She hasn't gone pee yet in the potty, but she didn't wet her undies either.

Kena is so funny when it comes to hanging out on the potty. Why you might ask? Because she could camp out there if she wanted. The other day she had...her milk, snack, and book in the bathroom. And of course mommy or daddy to chat with.

I don't think of this as 'training' as more as it is to just listen to Kena. For special treats as a reward is: one sticker for pee, two stickers and a phone call for poop. She gets to call anyone she wants and tells them she went poop in the potty. So far that reward system as work. I watched a dr.phil show (yikes I know) a while back with Adam and dr. phil did potty training in one day. Well I am not even close to doing that, but we did adapt one thing from him...the phone call. As a reward to the child when they finally go poop/pee the child would get a call from their favorite character on tv (for example..thomas the tank engine). For us, Kena gets to call someone when she makes a poop...which is kind of nice. Because I am sure she gets sick of the praises from mommy and daddy. So making a phone call is a nice spin on it.

but...with a two year old you never know how long that will last....

Ok...enough about poop and pee.

I promise in the next couple of days I will post about Kena's 2nd birthday. I have been having computer issues (maybe a bright orange laptop is in my future??? I know...not even close), so uploading pictures seem like an impossbily long task. Save that for another day...