Thursday, August 13, 2009

I LOVE this age...

Not the age 26 (which I am), but the age of two. To be honest, I was afraid of Kena turning two. Everyone warns of the "terrible twos" so I was preparing my mind and body for a hurricane. Yes, she has only been two for 8 days now, but I love it. Of course she has her tantrums, which makes me want to rip my hair out or turn into the corner and cry. But that passes.

It seems the day she turned two she looked OLD all of the sudden. Clothes are a little more 'grown up', her walk isn't as childish and even her laugh sounds more like a 'big kid'. Her words are amazing and Adam and I are surprised every day by what she says.

For example, Kena was sitting on the potty last night. Adam and I sat listening to Kena and all of the sudden she started counting. In her adorable voice she started rambling off her numbers

"1,3,5,7,9,10" (I didn't say she said ALL the numbers!)

Adam and I shoot a look to each other to say "how in the heck does she know this many numbers"

Somehow Kena got to we arent sure. Was it all in order? Heck no, but we are equally proud of her.

Then comes to her bathtime. Lately she has been VERY interested in prayer, praying many times during dinner. Prayer time I guess continued through to bathtime.

"Mommy, daddy, pray"

She closes her eyes, hands folded

"Jesus," mumble, mumble, "bubbles, bubbles....AMEN"

Yes our Kena sat and prayed for bubbles, not once, not twice...about five times in a row. Bubbles? Not really sure why...but thats what she wanted to pray for. Could careless what she prayed for, as long as she knows she can talk to Jesus...about ANYTHING, ANYTIME of the day.

I don't know how many words Kena knows. I do know that I can carry on a conversation with her.