Thursday, August 27, 2009

Probably the most promising show this fall...since F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Community on NBC. Thursday Nights starting September 17th.

I love Joel Mchale. Adam might think its borderline obessive (and he is going to be so annoyed that I posted a picture of Joel). I cried the day we canceled our cable. Not for the billizon channels I will be missing...but I wouldn't be able to watch 'The Soup' friday nights. How could you not love Joel Mchale? A local boy who can seriously rock the skinny tie.

Well finally, Joel is joinning 'free' tv with his new show Community. I know, I know they have been advertising the heck out of this show and I think for good reason. This is the only show that I am excited for this fall. Yes, I love TV...and could most kick anyone's behind on tv triva. I say I probably would have graduated college if I could get a degree in random tv knowledge and F.R.I.E.N.D.S obessession (on a side note...Adam asked me the other day "I wonder how many episodes of friends have you watched this year?" and I said "probably, give and take, two episodes a day" that out to...about 600 episodes this year).

Not only is Joel Mchale in it, but also Ken Jeong. You would know him from: Knocked Up, Role Models, The Hangover (which I haven't seen, but I am told he is it in)...he is one of "Judd Aptow's Boys". He plays a doctor in Knocked up which transends into his real life...this guy is a freak'n doctor...and is still practicing! the spanish teacher.

Yes, they are promoting the crap out of Community, but I really do think its one of the promising new fall shows. Heck, they just added it to the 'thursday line up', which we all know is...legendary.

(insert video...but WAIT, I have no freak'n idea how to do I am posting the link)


Hannah said...

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