Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank you dot...dot...dot...

First, after you read this blog jump on over to April Baker's blog at dot...dot...dot. She has a super cute blog with GREAT giveaways!

Which I was lucky enough to win!!

I entered a contest on her page "Project Photography", a chance to win a ebook by photographer Angie from "the creative mama". Not only a mother, a professional photographer, but also loves to teach about the art of photography. As you all know photography is a love of mine (right up there with cakes!) and I would love to learn more about my camera and photo taking. The contest was for one eBook (a book you buy off the web and download it to you computer) for free! So I entered the contest....

AND WON!!! I was super excited! I won the ebook. Of course I dove right in.

This book is great for those who are new/interested in photography. I love that she talks about what type of camera would fit you best. Talks about all the 'buttons' (and let me tell you there is a bunch on my digtal slr), and muiltple functions. My favorite part is learning about 'lighting'. Who would have known cloudy is the best type of lighting?? She backs all this up with her own photos and stories behind them.

I love photographers what are also mothers, since they have a special heart for children. Taking pictures of Kena, her cousins and friends are my favorite since you capture all that craziness and sweetness all in one little click. I am so thankful for this book and can't wait until I have a 'quiet moment' where I can sit with my cup of coffee (with soy creamer of course), computer, camera, and notebook to pour more into this eBook.

Thank you April!!!

Also, she has TONS (and thats an understatement!) of giveaways this week!! Jump onto her blog and enter! So far she has MAC makeup and a sweet little neckless from etsy!!!!