Monday, March 23, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

In classic 'Sara fashion' I am posting super late about Valentine's Day.

The beautiful flower that Kena picked out for her mama.

Sugar cookies that Kena decorated for our family members.

And then the super classy heart shaped pizza with red crust from papa murphys!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two New Etsy Sites.

Yes, we all know the economy...well less then great. That is why I heart Etsy. If you have NEVER shopped etsy, I dare you. Take a look around for a few and you will find the most amazing handmade products. I am addicted and I know I am not the only one. I spent an hour today looking at yummy fabrics for Kena's new duvet cover.

yes, yes one day I will have my mom's jewerly on it...

But today I want to let you know of two people that I know that currently are selling items on etsy.

Corrine, who I went to high school with is amazing at Scrapbooking! On her etsy site; CORRINEePANTS has premade scrapbooking pages, cards and 'brag books'. How cute is this little boy brag book?

It saves you time and the mess of making it yourself! Super cute stuff Corrine!

And then...geez I babysat this girl when she was a little one...Jess over at vigilantegoldfish makes practical wristlet aka "the anti purse". I love it because I am always losing things in my giant purse and in my even more giant diaper bag. Having something, easy like that that I can throw into my bag and then take out when I am on...a date (?) is so wonderful and easy!!

Check etsy, Corrine and Jess's site. Help support this economy!

Awesome Blog Alert!

While 'surfing' the other day, I stumbled across an awesome blog site that I wanted to share with everyone. Its a great 'crafting' blog. Nannygoat is ran by two very creative sisters, who have seen all the 'trendy' crafts online and decided to figure out how to do them themselves! The great thing, they take TONS of pics to show you how to do the crafts.

I am thinking about 'making' these for Kena's new toddler room. Which of course has been much debate lately. I am thinking "backyard" theme. And yes...I have to have a theme. Last couple of days I started to shop on etsy for fabric for Kena's duvet cover. Joann's, yes, has fabric but not the cool Amy Butler, Michael Miller type that I would love for Kena. I am thinking to Paint a tree with a little birdie (tweet tweet) and grass painted along the bottom of the wall (mom...want a spring project? You did so well in our bathroom!). I went back and forth with if I wanted a 'jungle' theme or backyard. I am going to move all the monkey items into our bathroom, which is now the hawaiian monkey bathroom.

Eventually adding to the 'backyard/Park' theme room will be the house toybox that Adam will make for her.
...Sorry totally got side tracked. Nannygoat has some cute ideas for banners, 'leg warmers' and other fun trends! Take a look, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Super Late Christmas in Hawaii pics...

I know, its March. But I finally got on Adam's work computer and retreved all my Christmas in Hawaii pictures. There is NO order to these pictures! Welcome to Maui, Cross Family. First day at the beach!
Kena in her Christmas Eve Jammies

Christmas Eve! She is so beautiful.

LOOK! There is Kena with dada in the water!
Jesus' Birthday Cake!
Kena pulled out the "rocker chick" fauxhawk!

Cousins Noah and Olivia

"Princess' of the Mountian!"

Spot Jarren?

Sweet dada and kena steps.

Auntie Melissa and Noah

NOW...this is lame...

Here are some pictures of Christmas. Folks, did you really think I had it 'together'. Psssh.
Kena's Christmas Dress
Olivia and Noah in the "Snowdirt" at Snow Days at Church

Kena 'enjoying' the bouncy house

Think she is getting sleepy?
Kena showing off her Christmas Dress-yes..she did have two dresses!

She is so sweet!

First gingerbread house!!

Kena's new trike from Boppa, G'ma and Uncle Tyler

G'ma and Boppa at Lights of Christmas

Uncle Tyler and his sweet girlfriend Lauren

Our family at the Lights of Christmas

Kena's performance at Church for Christmas. It took her two seconds and she was in tears. So...she isn't an actress...thats totally ok with me!