Monday, March 9, 2009

Did the time change throw you off?

It sure did to everyone in this house. Of course it didn't effect us really until today, the day after.
As I sit here, on a lazy Monday I am watching the snow melt from the craziest day of weather in a long time. Around 11:30 it hit, hard falling snow! I had to run to pick up Kena (I was at work) then off to home. By Church, roads were awful, over by my in-laws not bad at all. Crazy!

We are getting prepared for Adam's surgery this Wednesday. We are so lucky to have amazing friends that will visit Adam and bring him movies while at home! Adam can't wait to get his hip fix so he can go running.

Kena is growing leaps and bounds. The other day Adam and I looked at each other and discussed how much Kena had grown overnight. She seems taller all of the sudden, which if you know my family is rare. She is starting to put words together to make phrases "mama go" "no no dada" "snow...cold". As parents, we are constantly thankful for our amazing blessing.

Haven't taken many photos lately. I did just get an awesome 'purse' big enough to carry my camera everywhere. I needed a bag that didn't look like a camera bag, which yells-please come steal me!-instead I now have a trendy Keen messanger bag. I am so excited to have my camera everywhere. Also I am working on more of 'learning' my camera, while not focusing a lot on 'touch ups'. I don't feel I need to take a class. I have talked to a few photographers, professional and hobbist, and they said they didn't take a class.

Here are a few of inside pictures, I can't wait for spring and summer for some good outdoor shots!

Kena's "cheese" face

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley!!

Kena in the only hair clip she will wear..Elmo.


Kjerste said...

Wow! hip replacement? Hope all goes well!

Amazing photos as always. I love the way you dress little Kena. She always looks so sweet and feminine!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics Sara! They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Cindy C