Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Week in Rage...

...some of you might not know whats that from. I will explain later.

Among being a blog for kena, this is also a blog for me. A mom, a wife, a lady. So of course I have many of opinions. There is a lot I will bite my tongue about, but some things, well I just want to talk about. Then see if you feel the same way.

---To include you in my title. EVERY morning I would wake up, start my coffee, pop in a waffle for M and turn on 107.7. Every morning I would listen to Adam Corolla with Theresa. Yes, I know its not the local 'Christian' station, but I am a grumpy person when I wake up in the morning, so I don't want to hear 'chipper'. Adam, Theresa and Bald Brian would have celebrity guests daily. On Friday they would have my sweetheart...Joel McHale from the Soup. It was good, funny, yes inapporate talk radio. Come to find out, talk radio is going down the tubes. Or at least off the air. Wednesday started rumors that the Adam Corolla show was being cancled (they are from a LA station). Come Friday, they were saying there 'good byes' as the station decided to pull all there talk radio and only play music. Although Adam and the crew just received major bonuses at the end of the year, the station decided to lay them all off to play music. HOW SAD??? What on earth am I going to do? "this week in rage" was a segement on his show where listeners would call in, give a random topic and Adam would rage on funny.

---Second...these STUPID converter boxes. Yes I might have 20 more channels, but I can't get them all at the same time. Right now I can't get channel 7 so no 'Amazing Race' tonight. However if I turn the dial, stand on my head, kena sits on the left side of the couch and Adam stays in the kitchen...we might be able to get the 'Christian' channels (Praise the Lord?? Really?? Purple hair???). I much rather have fuzzy channels that the digtal cut in and out. Its really annoying. And of course Adam will say, "we haven't given it a chance. Let me mess with the dials and find the right channel and they will all work." Guess what? I don't have patience for that, especially when it comes to my tv. Yes, I am sure I will like it in due time.

---OctoMom. It is wrong on so many levels, refering to the mom who just recently had octuplets. I consider myself fairly open minded, but this seems out of hand. I don't mind my tax money going to single moms/single dads/families with hardships. But when a mom, pays for IVF and gets pregnant with 8 kids (when she already has 6 kids) is just immature. And yes, I check and the gossip magazines. I have seen in the last couple of days pictures of her "getting her nails done", "shopping at nordstroms", and running away from the paps saying "I am NOT a celebrity"..while smiling and laughing. I can't afford getting my nails done and I only have one kid. I rather spend that money on my child/home/family then getting my nails done. Yes I am sure she needs time away-but buying make up at Nordstroms? I don't even wear make up! I think I would have been a little more, understanding, if the mom decided to stay underwraps and not come out. I feel horrible for these kids, because if they are taken by the state (adam told me that there is a lawyer out there trying to get the kids out) then they will likely be spilt up. How is one family going to take 8 babies? Or, 14 for that matter. And now I hear that she is trying to get the hospital to pay for all expensives while they stay there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? My family had insurance and we are STILL paying for Kena's birth. I am sorry, thats not fair. Maybe half is fair, but not all. I am sorry, I digress.

---one good!!! I had a super cranky M, so I looked up 'elmo' on hulu and found tons of celebrity guest spots with elmo! She had a great time saying "on more, on more" shaking her pointer finger. She was happy and I was happy because she was cuddling on my lap.

---Another good thing, I have the most wonderfully, beautifully, kind family ever. Adam has such a huge heart which is filled with understanding. M is showing us that she compassion, independance and brains. Her heart is filled with kindness and joy, beyond what I have seen before. She WANTS to make you laugh, which spend 5 minutes with her and you will be laughing. I am seeing our parenting paying off.

Ok, I am done. At least for now. Totally kidding.