Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kena's Favorite Song...

I have RAVED about Kimya Dawson's CD Alphabutt. Yes, they talk about turds, butts, doo doo, and peeing. But seriously this is kena's favorite song. Really the whole CD is creative and sweet. Mama's Favorite song is "I love you sweet baby" which goes

"..first thing on our list to do is to wake up right next to you. the second thing that we have planned is to kiss both of your hands. third thing that we will do today is look you in the eye and say "I love you sweet baby, I love you sweet baby, I love you more than anything." It goes on to talk about the 'goings' of there day...but no matter...I love you sweet baby more than anything.

So, really if you don't want your kids to repeat the words fart, butts, and doo doo...maybe save this one till later. Kimya is a...a little different...also when they talk about panda..thats the name of her daughter. The video is live and I am guessing in a coffee house or something like that. The kid version has more music to it, but I couldn't find it anywhere on youtube..."> name="allowFullScreen" value="true">