Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two New Etsy Sites.

Yes, we all know the economy...well less then great. That is why I heart Etsy. If you have NEVER shopped etsy, I dare you. Take a look around for a few and you will find the most amazing handmade products. I am addicted and I know I am not the only one. I spent an hour today looking at yummy fabrics for Kena's new duvet cover.

yes, yes one day I will have my mom's jewerly on it...

But today I want to let you know of two people that I know that currently are selling items on etsy.

Corrine, who I went to high school with is amazing at Scrapbooking! On her etsy site; CORRINEePANTS has premade scrapbooking pages, cards and 'brag books'. How cute is this little boy brag book?

It saves you time and the mess of making it yourself! Super cute stuff Corrine!

And then...geez I babysat this girl when she was a little one...Jess over at vigilantegoldfish makes practical wristlet aka "the anti purse". I love it because I am always losing things in my giant purse and in my even more giant diaper bag. Having something, easy like that that I can throw into my bag and then take out when I am on...a date (?) is so wonderful and easy!!

Check etsy, Corrine and Jess's site. Help support this economy!