Thursday, February 4, 2010

A little break....

..not on purpose!
my computer, finally, did bite the dust. it was time...well not really, but i guess my computer decided it was. now we are on the search for a cheap, great and hopefully orange laptop! if i don't get my orange laptop adam said that i can get a cool orange sticker from etsy (i am thinking a little orange birdie on a tree). until then, i have limited time on the hubs' computer so i won't be able to update my blog as often. also, no new pictures until i can download them on a safe, new computer!

until then....check out my friend's blog!!! Kisha, who is a friend i met at work, has an awesome blog, she is a great writter! please check out her blog! also she has 'freebie fridays' where she gives away some awesome prizes!!!!

In Through the Out Door

will be back soon!


Kisha said...

Oh my gosh, you are TOOOOOO sweet! And I really hope you get your orange laptop so you can get back to blogging too!

I read your comment about being married at Columbia Winery-SO jealous! I must see pics!!!!!

Anderson Fam said...

I love your blog. I may have to change mine now and see what has. I love the first song on your blog, who sings it? I will need to talk to your hubby about this rock and roll marathon the 1/2 of course, I am probably totally nuts and wierd for even thinking about it, let me know some more details. Have a great rest of the week, we are in Phoenix until Sunday.