Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting so big!

Well, what a busy week! After I wrote that Makena takes shots 'like a pro' she decided to have a screamfest that lasted the rest of the day. The whole day was spent either on mommy sleeping or daddy sleeping. Wasn't interested in eatting or playing. And if you know me, I am crazy about my scheduling with Makena and that was thrown out the window for the day. Luckily she woke up the next morning like nothing happened, now thats our girl.

Adam celebrated his 27th (yes 27!) birthday on Wednesday! We had a blast! Makena bought daddy some new clothes for his new job (to keep in warm while doing inspections at the plant, while still looking professional). Adam and I got to enjoy PF Chang's, children free, with Melissa and Dave. It was so nice to get out and realize "oh yeah, what DID we do before Makena?". It was a windy night (which I love!) which made the restaurant sort of busy.

Nursing Makena has been a hard task lately and we think it was the daily cup (or two) of coffee in the morning. Now thats hard to give up! So, I have resorted to hot chocolate and tea during these cold days.

Auntie Melissa was playing with Makena the other day and said she doesn't coo, she sounds like chewubaca (spelling?) from star wars. She couldn't be more correct. Our little Kena makes more of a chewy sound then the cute coos. Maybe I can post video of it?

Best be going!