Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What a special day!

Yesterday, October 1st, Makena had a very special day. My Grandparents Matheson, Makena's Great Grandparents had a stop over on a cruise they were on and it happened to be in Seattle! They had about 6 hours or so to leave the ship and do what they please, so they came to visit us. We had a great salmon dinner, thanks to Adam, and her Great Grandpa and Grandma got to enjoy little Makena. We also had my cousin Jesse and his son Ethan over. Of course Grandma Cindy was there too making sure Makena was being held at all times possible. Makena behaved great and really enjoyed 'studying' Great Grandma Matheson's face. She was super cute in a little dress with pants under (daddy always make sure that she isn't too girly). The dress didn't last long after they left, she totally had a blow-out so we are lucky it lasted that long.

On the night of September 30th, Makena slept from 10:30pm til 5:30 am! All the next day we were basking in the well restedness...neatless to say, I jinxed it. Last night she was up at 3:30 then at 7:00, so long rested nights.

Makena has also found her fists, which is so funny to watch. We will be sitting there hearing a 'sucking' noice "what the heck is that??" oh that is kena sucking on her fists and drolling all over. She has also began to 'track' mom and dad when walking accross the room. It's so amazing how fast they grow up!

I will post pictures on a separate blog.

Cross Family


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that everything is going so well for you guys! Keep the updates coming!
Kelsey :)