Saturday, June 14, 2008


So if you happen to see a 4'11'' young woman and a 6'1'' young man walking Mill Creek looking like zombies with a smiling child that would be us. We have had such a hard couple of last days. It all started on Wenesday. I took Kena to work with me, which is normally fine. Well, she didn't take a nap so when we came home around 12:30, she was a mess. Come to find out when is teething! Also, that night I had the school's graduation and Adam had a Fisheries Dinner so Kena was with me for the night. Did she do well? She did fine. Thursday is our loooong day with Adam working nights. Kena was....well....what I like to call a 'hot mess'. Nothing made her happy, she didn't want to eat, but always had to have something chewing in her mouth! Ugh. She didn't sleep well at all. She would wake up, moaning, we would check on her and she was still asleep. She just wasn't feeling good. I feel horrible for her I just don't know what to do! We were so exhausted last night Adam and I went to bed at 8:30, wimpy huh? That didn't help because Kena woke up so much being uncomfortable.

So I sit here, waiting for my starbucks, barely keeping my eye open, with a smiling laughing child playing on the floor. How she does it, I will never know. But I think today I am going to nap when she naps.