Thursday, June 12, 2008


I wanted to welcome Lucy Joy Ford to the world. Kristin and Mike had their little baby last night at 8:50pm. She is 7lbs 11oz and 21inches long! Both baby and mama are doing great. Thanks to Mandy Stocker and Suzeann Everroad for all the updates last night.

Kena, I am sure, wants to meet her new friend Lucy Joy, however she is teething. It almost feels like she is always teething, but her gums are swollen and she is super cranky. So we have to watch out because everything, EVERYTHING she will put in her mouth to chew. Today will be catching up on her sleep and mom catching up on house junk. Tonight is also Adam's long night (he works tonight) so we will have a quiet night!

I do have to tell you this, Kena LOVES and I mean LOVES books! Our family room floor is normally covered in boardbooks that Kena has taken out of her bin. I used to hold all her books in my Longerberger 'Library' basket and it was really cute. But now, she takes her books out I had to put it in a bin so she doesn't break my basket! My mom bought Kena, before she was born, these FABULOUS art books. They are boardbooks that have different arists pictures and a story to go with it, they are truly my favorite!