Sunday, June 22, 2008


We've had a quiet weekend. I am sipping my coffee watching a Saturday movie (Little Black Book in my case) while my baby sleeps and my husband is off working on a deck.

My awesome parents took Makena for Saturday night and returned her this morning before we had to work in the nursery at Church. We had a nice quiet night together where we got to sleep in...8:30 mind you...and ingored the laundry and dishes. Adam and I did really need that over nighter, since Kena has had a hard time teething and waking up alot. She is also having some issues with attachment, rather have mama than anyone else. So it was good for her to be separated from mama and dada for awhile.

I will now tend to those dishes and laundry that I stepped over this weekend. Kena and I will be going to a concert tonight at church after 5pm service! We are pretty excited about that!

How was your weekend?