Thursday, June 5, 2008


BUSY days lately! I wanted to announce and welcome to the world....Hudson Mack Parks!! Born Friday, May 28th 2:30am to Nette and Gavin Parks. He came into the world at 8lbs 1oz and healthy! He is beautiful and doing awesome. Kena gets to visit Hudson today while the mamas talk. I hopefully will remember to take pictures.

Kena with each day, is getting closer and closer to walking. I know, my days are numbered again. Mom, its time to start taking things off the floor, we almost have a walker! She is doing great of course. She is beautiful! Everytime we go out people stop us to tell us we have the perfect 'gerber' baby and really, why aruge with them? Kena is now wearing size 12 month clothes and is growing like a weed!!

I have to say, with my never ending quest to find gooood children's music, one of my favorite bands-Barenaked Ladies-release a full length children's cd!!! This morning Kena and I are having fun listening to some goofy, sing a long songs. The only thing is that they mention that 'humans came from apes' but that converstation I am sure we will have with her later, it also rhymed with the song. Anyways, we are enjoying some fun tunes this morning!

Adam works late tonight, so I am hoping that I will write more tonight after the monkey goes to bed.


Kjerste said...

I was wondering it that CD was any good. We'll have to check it out! We definitely need something new... ;)