Monday, September 15, 2008

Our 4th Anniversary Weekend Getaway!

Right before dinner at Pallmino's

Our cool city view

On our deck!

Adam welcoming you to our deck!

The 'Heavenly Bed'...I swear thats what they call it!

Good Morning!

We got room service...for FREE! It pays off to mention its your anniversary!

Over the past weekend Adam and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary. Our actual anniversary isn't until the 18th but this weekend worked out the best for us. We dropped Kena off at my parent's house and we went to the Bellevue Westin. It was an amazing weekend. We arrived early on Saturday and spent the better half of the afternoon walking around the mall (without having to stop!). We checked in around 3pm, our room wasn't ready so they upgraded us...for FREE!!! Our room was super sweet with a separate jazuzi tub and shower and our room had a deck! Adam and I got pedi's...yes even Adam! We had a wonderful dinner at our favorite resturant, Palomino's (they just opened one in Bellevue). Then the next morning we ordered room service!!! For Free!!! After a cry from me, since I missed Kena, we watched a little tv and checked out!! It was sooo much fun!


Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

How fun. My husband and I just celebrated #4 this summer too. Congrats to you. I have a 15 month old and was sad to be away from him too - isn't funny how we (the moms) can be so attached? :)