Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Walker!! (???)

Our little Monkey has done it! She is a walker!!! Well, sort of. On Sunday night she was walking between mama and dada. Then she would explore a little more and get curious. Was the video camera, the one we got from my parents for times like theses, charged? Heck no. So we resulted to use the 'video' function on our phones. Which was nice because then we sent it out to all the grandparents, auntie, and uncle.

Monday morning comes around...she wants NOTHING to do with it. Its like it was all a wonderful dream. So now Kena is being stubborn. A surprise? Nope. Frustrating? A bit, because I think people are thinking "yeah right...". Somehow when she try to stand her up, her legs turn into jello. And she has had the most tratums ever in the last two days. It was been a experince to say the least!

Maybe she is like that singing frog....