Monday, September 8, 2008

Updates....soon I promise...

Yes, alot has been going on at our house. Sorry there are not any pictures but I promise to sit down and nail out a few postings.

Currently the 'fall cold' has arrived. First Kena, now me, next...Adam? Adam and I talked about summer/fall last night while laying in bed. As most of you know, I LOVE fall. Everything about it, yes even the rain. I grew up here so falls are amazing filled with colorful leaves and crisp cool days. As the summer continues, the more and more I want it to be fall weather. Adam and I debated when fall should offical start. I believe 'fall' starts the first day of school. Because you aren't supposed to go to school in the summmer. Adam is not ready to give up summer yet, he is a hot weather person. Also, as a parent of a child who suffers from heat rash, I am really ready for the fall to start. The sun is wonderful and we are taking full advantage of it, but once we get the colds, I am ready for fall.

Kena and I plan to go to Willis Tucker today for one of the last days of summer (yay!!)


Derek said...

I've declared it fall here at the Whaley house. Haven't pulled out more than one or two of the decorations yet though, due to the move. I'm looking forward to unpacking them in the new house on Saturday!

Derek said...

Oops! This is Kjerste, by the way!