Thursday, January 3, 2008

I thought I would have been better at this...

Ok, so I really stink at doing this blog thing. I thought that I was going to be better at this and post more often, yet the holidays caught up and I am still recovering.

So, as I sit and listen to my David Gray/Sarah McLaughlin mix, I decided its time to update. Sarah McLaughlin's music is very important to me, Makena was born to her music. That is really the only thing I remember about the C-Section. The Dr. had her CD playing in the room and it was the most calming thing during the most stressful time of the day for us. Adam and I still debate, but I think she was born to the song "Ice Cream" (...your love is better than ice cream...). Anyhoo...

Christmas was the ideal Christmas. It was, simply put, perfect. Makena looked beautiful in her dress for Christmas and her Christmas Jammies. Santa most certainly visited our house, spoilling the heck out of Kena (but really, look at her face, how could you not??). Christmas Eve was so relaxing with my family sitting by the fireplace. Christmas morning was cozy as we opened presents and watched Kena being adorable. We spent Christmas day with Adam's parents and sister's family. We had a blast as all the kids opened presents! But by December 27th, I was ready for the tree to go down and the presents to go to the rooms (it looked like a toy store threw up in our living room!). Our tree was so dead it was time to say goodbye!

New Years came, with a party at our house with all of our friends (kind of like a 'dinner group' set of friends). We hung out, had mexican food and tried to stay up til midnight (Adam and I are normally in bed by 9:30!).

Ohhh... and if I forgot to write last time, Makena is 13 lbs, 9oz! Up, a big girl! So we started rice cereal and she is chunking up. She is a big girl...and we LOVE it!

Lately, Adam and I have come to enjoy sitting with our little family at night. The simple things in life. Listening to music and watching our little Kena. She amazes me daily. I will admit, being a mom at first was difficult, but now I look forward to it every morning. To see Kena, being herself, just breaks my heart in the most amazing way. Her personality is coming out and she is quite the little ham. She will sit on the floor, by herself, laughing. She is very much a mommy's girl.

She is also starting to really like her bathtime! We should post a video (and we will have her parts covered!)

I will post some pics!