Thursday, July 3, 2008


So I decided to add one of those awesome playlist's to my blog (I got it from you Kjerste!). Its the most random selection of music, but if you know me its not a big surprise. Simply put, just a taste of what you might listen to if you were to come to my house.

The best..the poopsmith song. Its actually a children's song on one of Kena's cd's. My nephew, Noah thought it was hilarous....and I have to tell you, I do to!

I sit here listening to the loud boom of fireworks. We live just outside of Mill Creek city limits so we get a lot of fireworks. Mill Creek has a strict law against fireworks, signs posted everywhere. But HA, not Bothell (eventhough they are same zip.) We are so excited for our big neighborhood party! I spent the whole night cleaning the second bedroom for people to stay over night. Tomorow we will spend most of the morning cleaning up and getting ready for the 4th!

I wanted to plug a find a found! We are currently using the "Seventh Generation" dishwashing detergant and its FABULOUS! Its far better than my 'jet dry' tabs that I was using and you know you are not harming the earth. A little steps go a long way folks. Check it out!


decobooth said...

Hi, I have no idea how I stumbled in here but I've enjoyed your blog! I LOVE your layout! Seventh Generation, eh? Where did you find it? I'm very interested in going green and you're right, every little bit helps. I saw somewhere in your blog that you enjoyed decorating. My blog is all about decor in small spaces, I'd love you to come have a look (and you'll see what I mean about going green, I have several green ideas and would love more!). And if you have any ideas or thoughts, please share!