Sunday, July 19, 2009

An alternative to swim diapers....

I hate waste and I hate to waste money even more. So, this summer I sought out to find an earth friendly alternative to swim diapers. My mother in law has a pool in their backyard so we are consitantly there and we use up a LOT of swim diapers between two girls (my niece too). So before summer offically started (which is like mid june here!), I made a search on etsy for reusable swim diapers. Come to find can just use cloth diapers, ones that have a waterproof outside (NOT plasticy nastiness).

Upon my search I found Monkey Snuggles Diapers. First, I love their name...we all know how much I love monkeys! I communicated with Renee on what I was looking for. She was so fanastic and responded so quickly with all my crazy questions. I decided to try out one of the 'large pocket cloth diapers' for Kena, just giving it a try. First I LOVED the yummy robin's egg blue color and that it had snaps. $14.00 was a good price since I was looking at other ones in the 22-30 dollar range.

Once I recieved it in the mail I was so excited to give it a try....then came those gloomy icky days we had in June. So I waited. Then came the sun! I tried it and fell in LOVE with them!! They are so well made and fit Kena wonderfully. So far no poops has happened in them yet (Adam wants everyone to know that I will be the one who will clean that up!), but I have been MORE than happy with I ordered another one! And my sister in law ordered one for my niece!

If there is a 'second child' Adam and I have decided to go cloth next time. Why? The cost (yes a lot up front...but will save you a lot in the long run) and have you seen those little 'gel dots' on your child during a diaper change? Thats just plan nasty. Since I did a lot of research after Kena had been in diapers so long, we decided that for us the investment would be too much (we are close to potty trainning time). But if you are interested in cloth diapers or have a friend that is interested, please check out Monkey Snuggles! (next time I will try and remember to take a picture of Kena in her diaper!)